Mek-Sha Sightseer Achievement Guide

Here is my Mek-Sha Sightseer Achievement Guide.

Updated – now includes the scannable locations since they fixed them in 6.0.1!

Sightseer Achievement

Enjoyed a full tour of all Mek-Sha has to offer.

  • Browse Deals at the Bazaar Kiosk
  • Enjoy Complimentary Mek-Sha Meltdown
  • Enter Slugfall Cantina Dancefloor
  • Find the Friendly Frond (Scan)
  • Make Wish at Watering Hole
  • Visit Hutt’s End Pier
  • Visit Original TaunTaun Steak Co. (Scan)

Note – I still have not found the Friendly Frond or Original TaunTaunSteak Co. (well at least nothing I could scan)

Browse Deals at the Bazaar Kiosk
  • Location – Three Points: The Bazaar

Click on the Mek-Sha Ultra Deal Terminal 3 times to count for the achievement.

Deals Location

Enjoy Complimentary Mek-Sha Meltdown
  • Locations
    • Slugfall Cantina (multiple locations)
    • Junker’s Junction – near Republic Base
    • Contested Gangland

Click on a Complimentary Mek-Sha Meltdown to count for the achievement. They can be found in multiple locations throughout Mek-Sha.

Mek-Sha Meltdown

Enter Slugfall Cantina Dancefloor
  • Location – Slugfall Harbor: Slugfall Cantina

Just walk into the area in front of the stage to count towards the achievement.


Find the Friendly Frond (Scan)
  • Location – The Red Zone – Last Chance Pier

Get our you Macrobinoculars and scan the doorway of the Friendly Frond.

Friendly Frond

Make Wish at Watering Hole
  • Location – Brzo’s Wells

Click on the Watering Hole Wish Receiver to count towards the achievement.

Note: Once clicked, it does have a cooldown so if it is not clickable for you, swap to another instance or wait a few minutes.

Watering Hole Wish Reciever

Visit Hutt’s End Pier
  • Location – Slugfall Harbour

Click on the Huttfall Commemoration Plaque to count towards the achievement.

Hutt’s End Pier

Visit Original Taun Taun Steak Co. (Scan)
  • Location – Slugfall Harbour

Scan the Taun Taun Steak Co. with your Macrobinoculars.

Taun Taun Steak Co.

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