Mek-Sha Shady Character Underworld Merchant Guide

Here is my Guide on how to access the Shady Character Merchant in the Slugfall Cantina on Mek-Sha.

Updated 24th January with the new location for Shady Merchant.

How do you access the Shady Character Underworld Merchant on Mek-Sha?

Once you have completed the Onslaught story, there is a Mission you can pick up in the Slugfall Cantina, on the upper level, called ‘Nothing Nefarious’.

After completing the first Mission ‘Nothing Nefarious’, and starting the second Mission ‘The Prototype’ you will gain initial access to this Vendor. Once you have completed all three Missions you will unlock all the items purchasable from this Vendor.

Here is where you can pick up the first (and subsequent) Missions.

All Missions are picked up from datapads on this table.
Slugfall Cantina Map

Shady Underworld Merchant Items

Missions Walkthrough

These Missions are all pretty straightforward to complete but this walkthrough gives you an overview of the steps to take to gain full access to the Shady Merchant.

Nothing Nefarious

Destroy Exchange Goods

  • Brzo’s Wells – Hideout Pass

Return to the Cantina

When you enter the Slugfall Cantina, the mission will auto-complete. The next mission will then be available to be picked up from the same table the first one.

The Prototype

Find the Goods Dealer

  • Slugfall Cantina

Once you get close to the Shady Character, the mission will update to the next step. You will also be granted access to purchase some stuff from the Vendor.

Recover the Prototype

  • Three Points – Contested Gangland

Kill Sever to recover the Prototype.


Return to the Cantina

Turn in the Prototype to the mission dropbox inside the Slugfall Cantina, then proceed up to the top level to pick up the final Mission.

Market Research

Collect Surveillance Devices from the Mission Dropbox inside Slugfall Cantina. Once you do this, the Mission will update to the next step. You also gain access to more items you can purchase from the Shady Vendor.

Plant Surveillance Devices

  • Three Points – The Bazaar

Return to the Goods Dealer

Once you get close, the Mission will auto-complete. Then you will have full access to purchase all the items on the Vendor!

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