Onderon Beast-Lord Achievement Guide

Here is a Guide on how to complete the Beast-Lord of Onderon Achievement.


This Achievement can be found under Location -> Onderon -> General. Completing this achievement rewards you with the legacy title ‘Beast-Lord‘.

Completing this Achievement involves completing all the achievements listed in the Beasts section of the Onderon Achievements.

Here’s a list of the main Achievements to complete. There are also achievements for killing 10 and 50 of each type of beast.

Normal Mobs

  • Defeat 75 Arkonok
  • Defeat 75 Grefna
  • Defeat 75 Orlax
  • Defeat 75 Pritarr


  • Defeat the Arkonok Ragehorn
  • Defeat the Grefna Gorecrest
  • Defeat the Orlax Swarmlord
  • Defeat the Pritarr Packmaster

The normal beast mobs are pretty easy to find in pockets all around Onderon but the Beast-Lords only spawn in certain locations.


Here are most of the spawn locations of the Beast-Lords. Respawn times for Beast-Lords are longer than regular mobs and all can spawn in more than one location.

If a Beast-Lord is not located at one spawn point, it may be at another spawn point. There may be other spawn locations not noted in this guide.

Lord of the Arkonok

Defeat the Arkonok Ragehorn

  • Location – South of Crashed Ship, east of Lake Encampments or western side of Crashed Ship
  • Coordinates – X: 32, Y: -827 or X: 205, Y: -1015
  • Closest Imperial Quick Travel Point/Taxi – Forward Operating Base
  • Closest Republic Quick Travel Point/Taxi – Lake Overlook or Forest Encampment

Lord of the Grefna

Defeat the Grefna Gorecrest

  • Location – South of Iziz, north of Ancient Sith Crypt or northwest of Ancient Sith Crypt
  • Coordinates – X: 622, Y: 41 or X:369, Y: 173
  • Closest Imperial Quick Travel Point/Taxi – Archaeological Site
  • Closest Republic Quick Travel Point/Taxi – Iziz Bridge

Lord of the Orlax

Defeat the Orlax Swarmlord

  • Location – Oasis near the Royal Hunting Lodge or Oasis Cavern
  • Coordinates – X: -456, Y: -42 or X:-352, Y: 172
  • Closest Imperial Quick Travel Point/Taxi – Gate Lodge or Canyon Camp
  • Closest Republic Quick Travel Point/Taxi – Cave Camp or Republic Forward Operating Base

Lord of the Pritarr

Defeat the Pritarr Packmaster.

Note this boss does spawn in multiple different locations within the Crashed Ship area (east side of the ship) so coordinates may not be 100% accurate.

  • Location – Crashed Ship
  • Coordinates – X: 393, Y: -1013
  • Closest Imperial Quick Travel Point/Taxi – Forward Operating Base
  • Closest Republic Quick Travel Point/Taxi – Forest Encampment

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