8 Year Anniversary Vendor Items

Here are all the items currently available for purchase on the Anniversary Personnel Vendor in 2019. They have rewards from previous years as well as some new rewards for this year and other limited/exclusive rewards never before available on this vendor.

The Vendor will be available for a limited time until January 7, 2020 (4:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM GMT / 11 PM AEDT).

Anniversary Personnel Vendor Locations

Anniversary Personnel Vendor Items

Anniversary Personnel Items List

Everything on the Vendor is free! So stock up on everything especially the decorations and fireworks while you can! I’d highly recommend getting a Senya Tiral Holostatue if you don’t already have a portable class trainer.

1st Anniversary RewardsToy9,999
2nd Anniversary RewardsToy9,999
3rd Anniversary Fireworks LauncherDecoration10
3rd Anniversary Galactic MemorialDecoration10
Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration CoruscantDecoration10
Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration Drommund KaasDecoration10
Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration KorribanDecoration10
Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration Nar ShaddaaDecoration10
Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration RishiDecoration10
Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration TatooineDecoration10
Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration TythonDecoration10
Art: 3rd Anniversary Celebration Yavin 4Decoration10
Celebration JawaReusable ToyN/A
Commemorative Statue of HK-51Decoration999
Commemorative Statue of ValkorianDecoration50
Commemorative Statue: Return of MalgusDecoration999
Fireworks Celebration BackpackReusable ToyN/A
Fireworks: FountainToy9,999
Flair: The Old RepublicFlair1 unlock per character
Galactic Alliance StatueDecoration10
Model: Ebon HawkDecoration10
Personal Starship Display: AgentDecoration999
Personal Starship Display: Bounty HunterDecoration999
Personal Starship Display: JediDecoration999
Personal Starship Display: SithDecoration999
Personal Starship Display: SmugglerDecoration999
Personal Starship Display: TrooperDecoration999
Poster: Galactic StarfighterDecoration50
Poster: Galactic StrongholdsDecoration50
Poster: Knights of the Eternal ThroneDecoration50
Poster: Knights of the Fallen EmpireDecoration50
Poster: Rise of the Hutt CartelDecoration50
Poster: Shadow of RevanDecoration50
Poster: The Old RepublicDecoration50
Remote Control Ebon HawkReuseable ToyN/A
Senya Tiral HolostatueClass Ability TrainerN/A
Weapon Display: Darth Malgus’s LightsaberDecoration999
Weapon Display: Satele Shan’s DualsaberDecoration999
YR-02 Imperial Scout Paint Job (Imperial Vendor only)GSF ItemN/A
YR-02 Republic Scout Paint Job (Republic Vendor only)GSF ItemN/A

Decoration Previews

Other Items

Celebration Jawa
Fireworks Celebration Backpack
Remote Control Ebon Hawk
Flair: The Old Republic
Flair: The Old Republic

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