SWTOR Game Update 6.3 Announcement Stream + Teaser Breakdown

SWTOR Game Update 6.3 Announcement Stream - Teaser Clip

A SWTOR Game Update 6.3 Announcement Stream is happening on Thursday 18th March. Bioware announced the stream on the SWTOR Forums and social media (Twitter/Facebook) with a teaser clip.

Read on for all the details about the Stream including timezone conversions and a breakdown of of the Teaser Clip.

Game Update 6.3 Announcement Stream Details

You will be able to watch the Announcement Livestream on Thursday 18th of March on twitch.tv/swtor at

  • 11 am PDT
  • 1 pm CDT
  • 6 pm BST (London)
  • 7pm CET (Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris)
  • 5 am AEDT (Sydney) (19th March)
  • 7 am NZ (19th March)

Use this Time and Date Converter Website for additional timzones.

For those of you who can’t make the Stream, Daniel Steed, Community Manager, will be providing a summary on the forums. I may also do my own summary as well (depending on how awake I am).

Hello everyone!

It is my pleasure to announce another upcoming livestream. On Thursday, March 18th at 1:00 pm CDT (6:00 pm UTC) we will be discussing our plans for Game Update 6.3! In our announcement on social platforms, there’s also an eight-second long teaser clip regarding the update. If you’d like to see it, links have been provided:


This livestream will be handled the same way as our recent ones for anyone unable to tune in. Following its conclusion, I will type up a summary of everything discussed to post here in the forums, along with any relevant video links.

– Daniel Steed

Game Update 6.3 Announcement Stream Bingo Card

Aviriia has once again made a Live Stream Bingo Card and with assitance from Swtorista, has made it interactive!

Here’s a link to the interactive Bingo Card – https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1nWDdLLs-dIj75ZLa5fVC1luZzdRY0oTGzxC3iZUdEyY/edit#slide=id.p

Please make your own copy of the document to be able to participate – File -> Make Copy -> Entire Presentation

Game Update 6.3 Teaser Clip

The teaser clip featured on social media lasts for 8-seconds and features an individual igniting a lightsaber in some ruins.

Who is this person and where are they? It is likely Darth Malgus on Dantooine in what appears to be the Jedi Enclave Ruins. Note the iconic Dantooine Bilba Tree in the background.

The background music sounds like it’s from KOTOR II, Malachor V possibly or from a Sith theme/track.

Here are two key stills from the teaser clip.

It’s safe to say that it is Darth Malgus and that he is on Dantooine. But is he in the Jedi Enclave? What is he up to? Guess we’ll find out in Game Update 6.3. Bioware aren’t ones to spoil story (not too much anyway) but I suspect we may see a teaser trailer that features or extends this clip in the Announcement Stream on Thursday.

The only thing that bothers me about the clip is that we don’t hear Darth Malgus’ footsteps.

Are you looking forward to finding out about Game Update 6.3? Where do you think Darth Malgus is in the teaser clip?

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