How to Hide your Headgear in New World

Are you tired of every single MMO you play having ugly headgear? Well, I’ve got good news for you! In New World, you can hide headgear and it doesn’t cost anything. Here is a quick guide on how to hide your headgear/headpiece/head slot, whatever you want to call it, in New World.

Go to your Inventory, then right-click on the Headgear Slot then click on ‘Change Skin’, then click ‘Hide Headgear’ then click Confirm.

Inventory -> Headgear Slot -> Change Skin -> Hide Headgear

Right-click on Headgear, then click on ‘Change Skin’.
Click ‘Hide Headgear’, then click ‘Confirm’.

Now that ugly headpiece you just picked up is now safely hidden on your character never to be seen again! Sadly, no other armour slot has the option to be hidden.


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