How to Prepare for SWTOR Game Update 7.0

Here is my guide on how to prepare for Star Wars The Old Republic Game Update 7.0, Legacy of the Sith! I’ll be covering various ways you can start preparing NOW for 7.0. There are prominent changes like the gearing system but also smaller less documented changes coming to SWTOR you can prepare for now.

Update – made an edit to the ‘Deconstruct all the gear you’ve been holding on to’ section and added the ‘Complete Conquest with 100k Points the week before launch’ section.

How to Prepare for Gearing in 7.0

Here are some tips and strategies to give you a head start with the new gearing system coming with Game Update 7.0! Parts of this section is also included in my 7.0 Legacy of the Sith Gearing Guide!

Tech Fragments

Max out your Tech Fragments (11,000). Tech Fragments are still going to be used in 7.0 and are the main currency used to purchase Set Bonus Implants.

Hold on to any crates you obtain that currently drop gear pieces/mods. Then once 7.0 launches and you hit level 80, you can open the crates on your toons when you need more Tech Fragments.

Level 75 Gear Crates opened at Level 80 will not drop gear but instead Tech Fragments. It will be a great way to ‘bank’ Tech Fragments.

Below are some examples of crates you should be holding on to right now.

Conquest Requistions

Save your Personal Conquest Requisitions from login rewards for easy Conquest completion, ideally once you hit Level 80. Details on why you want to wait until Level 80 can be found in my 7.0 Legacy of the Sith Gearing Guide.



The most beneficial way to level to 80 is going to be doing the Legacy of the Sith story. So make sure that you’re up to date on the story. The last story mission is Whispers in the Force (post Secrets of the Enclave Flashpoint).

Join a Guild

Join a guild with max experience boost and make sure your character has maxed Class Mission and Exploration XP boosts (Legacy -> Character Perks -> Advancement).

Levelling to 80 as fast as possible is going to be very beneficial for gearing faster.

Class Mission and Exploration XP Advancement Perks

For more details on how Gearing in 7.0 will work including specifics on what to do at launch and other tips and tricks, check out my 7.0 Legacy of the Sith Gearing Guide.

Decluttering and Convenience

Renown is being removed

The entire Renown system is being removed in 7.0. You should open all the Renown Crates you have now as you will not be able to open them when 7.0 launches.

Deconstruct all the gear you’ve been holding on to

There is no point in keeping all the 6.0 gear, mods etc. you’ve been holding on to as it is all being replaced in 7.0 with new tiers of gear. Keep the Tacticals though! Tacticals are still used in 7.0.

Edit: You could also hold onto your gear/mods and decon them after 7.0 launches if you want even more ‘banked’ Tech Fragments. It’s entirely up to you. If you think you won’t have enough time to play before 7.0 launches and haven’t maxed out your Tech Fragments yet, then decon your storage gear now. Otherwise, you can hold onto it if you have the space.

Daily Hubs

Make sure you have all the daily hubs unlocked! In 7.0, you’ll have limited access to Weeklies due to the new priority weekly system. Basically, weeklies are on a rotation and won’t all be available every week. There are usually only around 4-5 available (but keep in mind you’ll be able to repeat a weekly 3 times). So having access to all the daily hubs ensures you have the maximum amount of opportunities to earn currency and gear.

Here are two screenshots comparing how the Solo tab in the Activity Finder will look in 6.0 vs. 7.0.

SWTOR 6.0 Activity Finder
6.0 Activity Finder
7.0 Activity Finder (PTS) – rotating planetary weeklies

Rampage Achievement Boosts

Save your Rampage Achievement Boosts. In 7.0 a couple of new kill achievements have been added to existing companions. These achievements require you to kill Black Sun, Exchange and Hutt Cartel aligned enemies with 2V-R8 and C2-N2. These achievements award you with new companion customisations.

2V-R8 Achievement Kills (PTS)
C2-N2 Achievement Kills (PTS)

Social Titles

Social Titles are being moved from Character Titles to Legacy Titles in 7.0. This will mean the titles are now tied to the Legacy Social Achievements instead of Social Points (per character).

If you already have the titles on your characters, you will keep them. However, you will not be able to obtain them if you do not already have them on a character. If you want a particular social title on a specific character (and don’t like Legacy Titles), then you need to try and get it before 7.0 launches.

If you have already reached Social Rank 10 on one character, then you will be retroactively granted all the Social Legacy Titles when 7.0 launches. You can find the Social Achievements under Legacy -> Advancement -> Social.

Legacy Social Achievements (will have Legacy Titles added in 7.0)

Complete Conquest with 100k Points the week before launch

Another change coming in 7.0 is an increase in the number of Conquest Points needed to complete Conquest. You will need to earn 100,000 Conquest points per character after 7.0 launches to get your Personal and Guild Rewards. This does mean the week before launch, you need to make sure you do 100,000 points instead of 50,000 points of Conquest to get your Guild Conquest Rewards when 7.0 launches (this only applies to players in a Guild).

Preparing for the New Storyline and Character Creation/Combat Styles Options


Make sure that your characters’ storylines are up to date so you can jump straight into the Legacy of the Sith Story when 7.0 launches. This means you need to have completed the Whispers in the Force story to be up to date. This story Mission is after the Secrets of the Enclave Flashpoint.

Global Alignment Unlocks

Make sure you have ‘Legacy of Sacrifice’ and ‘Legacy of Unity’ Unlocks (Global Unlocks -> Other -> Alignment). You get these Unlocks by getting a character/s to Dark Side 5 and Light Side 5. Having these perks will enable you to access the mirror faction force classes at 7.0.

This will mean when selecting Combat Styles for any Force User Class, you will have the option to pick from any option regardless of your Faction’s ‘alignment’ so to speak. So a Jedi Knight character can with the Jedi Guardian Combat Style can have Sith Juggernaut as their second Combat style.

Alignment Unlocks

How to Prepare for Galactic Seasons 2 and the New Shadow Syndicate Reputation Track

Major Reputation Boosts

Save your Complimentary Major Reputation Boost from login rewards for the new reputation track that is tied to the new Galactic Seasons.

Reputation Boost

Rampage Achievement Boosts

Save your Rampage Achievement Boosts from login rewards for the new Galactic Seasons companion kill achievements.

Rampage Achievement Boost
Fen Zeil Companion Kills (PTS)

Commander’s Compendium

Get a Commander’s Compendium so you can level the new Galactic Seasons Companion instantly to Level 50 (there’s a hidden achievement for doing this). You can purchase the Commander’s Compendium from the Conquest Reward Vendor in the Strongholds and Crew Skills section of your Faction’s Fleet.


  • 3 Dark Project MK-1
  • 4,250,000 Credits

Scrap: Jawa Junk

Save your Artifact (Purple) Jawa Junk to be able to purchase Jawa Intel, a boost to increase the drop rate of Underworld Syndicate Plans. There will be a new Jawa (Brrazz) in the Cartel Bazaar that you can talk to who will give you Jawa Intel for 500 Artifact (Purple) Jawa Junk per 1 boost. The boost works similar to the Reputation Boost.

Underworld Syndicate Plans are used to increase your reputation with the Shadow Syndicate, a new Reputation tied to Galactic Seasons 2. The plans drop from various underworld enemies across the galaxy.

SWTOR Jawa Intel
Jawa Intel Description
SWTOR Underworld Syndicate Plans
Underworld Syndicate Plans

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