SWTOR APAC Server Testing Overview

SWTOR AWS APAC Test Server Shae Vizla

After a series of ongoing behind-the-scenes modernisation improvements to the game, including the recent 64-bit client update, the Star Wars The Old Republic developers are moving on to the next stage, migrating the game to Cloud Based Servers. The first step to facilitate this major change is testing how SWTOR runs on these servers and they’ve chosen the APAC region for these tests.

Now I just want to make this very clear. This is not an indication that APAC servers are returning at this time. They are just running tests for new server technology in the APAC region. So do not get your hopes up fellow APAC players.

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When is the APAC Server Testing Period?

The server, Shae Vizla, opens on April 3rd at 12pm CT (April 4th at 4am AEST) and will be closing on April 18th at 10am CT (April 19th at 2am AEST).

This server shows up on the live server list and is accessible to all players, so do not download or go through the PTS!

Once the testing period is over, the developers will analyse all the data and feedback received from the testing period. This will then determine if another test phase is needed or if they move forward with moving all of our current live servers over to AWS. They will communicate the next steps after our analysis is complete.

How to access the APAC Test Server Shae Vizla

While this is a test server, the testing process will be conducted a little differently from how the PTS runs. All players regardless of account type will be able to log on. And unlike the PTS, there will not be a separate download.

In the list of live servers, Shae Vizla will be notated as [APAC Test Server]. Simply click to log in as you would any live server.

SWTOR Server List APAC Test Server Shae Vizla

Please note that Shae Vizla is a test server. The Cartel Market will not be accessible and once the test is complete, the server will be wiped.

How to Copy a Character to the APAC Test Server Shae Vizla

  • You can also copy a character over to the test server the same way you would with PTS:
    • Log into http://www.swtor.com
    • Click on your account name in the top right-hand corner of the site.
    • Click “My Account.”
    • In the left column, scroll down and click the link entitled “PTS Character Copy.”
    • Select the server and then the character that you wish to copy from.
    • Select Destination Server – “Shae Vizla – [APAC Test Server]”.
    • Click the “Copy Character” button.
    • The site will display the current status of your character copy at the top of the page. Additionally, you can click the “View your character transfer history” link to see if the copy has been completed.
SWTOR PTS Character Copy - APAC Test Server Shae Vizla

Why is SWTOR is Migrating to Cloud Based Servers?

It is a continuation of the developer’s ongoing efforts to modernize and update the game with a focus on improving the player experience and optimising the tech used by the team. Some of the benefits of this migration are:

  • This technology allows the developers to improve the overall player experience such as connectivity, ping, faster start-up, and better in-game performance
  • Backend updates that are crucial to the continued health and stability of the game can be streamlined more efficiently
  • The resources required to maintain current systems can be reallocated to focus on enhancing the game experience
  • The developers will be able to leverage and integrate updated tech such as newer hardware, software, and graphics
  • Once finalized, SWTOR may be capable to extend its server’s capabilities to reach new players.

What do the developers want players to test?

Unlike the PTS, all players regardless of if they are subscribed or F2P/Preferred can join this server! The developers want to see if there is anything that would keep a player from experiencing their regular routine and normal play.

Examples of what we would like players to keep in mind:

  • Compared to an existing server, how is the performance?
  • Any specific areas or planets where you feel the performance has lessened?
  • What region/country do you reside in?
  • Provide a comparison of ping from existing servers to Shae Vizla.
  • Is grouped content working properly?
  • How quickly can you get into a match or Flashpoint you’ve accepted?
  • Is travel to any location (planet, Stronghold, Fleet, etc…) hindered?
  • Are there any issues with the UI such as missing assets or loss of functionality?
  • Are there any issues with visuals or sounds with the cinematics?

Is there a reward for testing?

When the test server goes live, players will be able to go to the SWTOR and AHQ Forums to provide their thoughts, experiences, insights, and feedback.

The developers will be granting the Opal Vuptilla Mount to players who achieve the following:

  • Log into the new server
  • Complete an Arena or Warzone PvP match
  • Complete a GSF match
  • Complete a Flashpoint
SWTOR Opal Vulptilla Mount

The Mount will be granted to all eligible players upon the next patch update following the closing of the test server.

Will you be testing on the AWS test server? What was your experience?

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