Game Update 6.0 Onslaught

6.0 Ability Charges Guide

In Game Update 6.0, the Star Wars The Old Republic Developers are introducing a new combat system to the game, tied to select Abilities called, Charges. What are Charges? Charges basically allow you to use select Abilities more than once, depending on the number of Charges they have. For example, if an ability has 2 […]

Star Wars The Old Republic

6.0 Preliminary Marauder Ability, Tactical Items, and Set Bonuses

For the PTS version, see this article – Here is a preliminary listing of all the Tactical Items and Set Bonuses as well as a description of the new ability for Marauders published by the Devs. Note: This is all subject to change. Also, if you are a Sentinel player, you can expect to […]