6.0 Preliminary Marauder Ability, Tactical Items, and Set Bonuses

For the PTS version, see this article –

Here is a preliminary listing of all the Tactical Items and Set Bonuses as well as a description of the new ability for Marauders published by the Devs.

Note: This is all subject to change.

Also, if you are a Sentinel player, you can expect to see these set bonuses, ability and tacticals mirrored for you as well, they are still in process.


You will see bonuses which refer to charges. They are introducing new tech in Onslaught which will allow abilities to have multiple charges, meaning you can use them more than once (per charge) and the cooldown will simply add a charge up to the maximum.

New Ability

Furious Focus

Furious Focus has 4 ability charges and recharges every 30 seconds. Activating Furious Focus consumes all charges causing your next attacks to do 25% additional damage. Ex: If you consume 3 charges, your next 3 attacks do 25% increased damage.

Warrior Set Bonuses

These set bonuses will be usable by both Marauders and Juggernauts.

These bonuses will likely have the high end of piece requirements, such as requiring 4 or 6 pieces. The smaller piece bonuses will be more passive in nature (Stat benefits, etc).

  • Ubercharge – Force Charge gets two ability charges. In addition, you cannot be stunned or rooted for 3 seconds after using Force Charge.
  • Sap – After Force Choke finishes, it slows its target and every target nearby it for 6 seconds.
  • Positioning – After executing Mad Dash, you gain 20% damage reduction for 6 seconds.
  • Blinding Fear – Enemies affected by Intimidating Roar have greatly reduced accuracy for 6 seconds after Intimidating Roar wears off.
  • Critical Focus – Critically hitting has a 20% chance to build a Furious Focus charge. Can only occur once every 10 seconds.
  • Vicious Thirst – Vicious Slash and Massacre add Vicious Thirst stacks to their targets, stacking up to 3 times. Killing an enemy with Vicious Thirst stacks increases your damage by 10% per stack for 10 seconds.

Marauder Set Bonuses

These bonuses will likely have the high end of piece requirements, such as requiring 4 or 6 pieces. The smaller piece bonuses will be more passive in nature (stat benefits, etc).

  • Dispatcher – Using Dual Saber Throw with Furious Focus grants Dispatcher, finishing the cooldown of Force Charge and making your next Vicious Throw usable on any target.
  • From the Shadows – Activating Mad Dash while under Force Camouflage makes it critically hit and slows any targets it damages.

Marauder Tactical Items

Tacticals are a new item slot coming in Onslaught. You can only wear one Tactical item at a time. 


  • Apex Predator – Activating Predation finishes the cooldown of Force Camouflage.
  • Frenzied Focus – Frenzy builds a Furious Focus charge.
  • Hidden Power – Force Camouflage generates 2 rage per second while active.


  • Exterminator – Annihilate automatically kills standard and weak enemies with less than 30% health. Killing an enemy this way resets the cooldown of Annihilate.
  • Rapid Rupture – Refreshing Rupture deals double damage on initial hit.
  • Vicious Saber – Vicious Slash applies all of your Deadly Saber stacks to its target at once and resets the cooldown of Deadly Saber.


  • Unstable Focus – Using Devastating Blast with Furious Focus causes Devastating Blast to explode, dealing damage to all targets in the area.
  • Hyper – Using Massacre adds Hyper stacks to you, increasing your critical chance by 10% and reducing the cost of your next Massacre by 1 rage per stack. Stacks up to 3 times. Last 10 seconds or until an ability other than Massacre is used.
  • Bloody Focus – Using Gore with Furious Focus causes its target to bleed.
  • Always Ferocious – Ferocity is active all the time, but only grants 50% armour penetration.


  • Detonate – Raging Burst detonates Force Crush, dealing damage and slowing any enemies in an area around the primary target.
  • Obliterator – Using Obliterate with Furious Focus causes it to critically hit.
  • Force Barter – Furious Strike refunds one additional rage after it hits, but refunds all its rage if you would have fallen to zero.

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