SWTOR Announces Game Update 5.7

Eric Musco, the Community Manager for Star Wars The Old Republic, recently announced Game Update 5.7 and gave us our first hint of a new upcoming Road Map.

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Hey folks,

Since we are formally in 2018 now, Happy New Year to all of you! We know there have been some questions about what is coming next, so we wanted to give you some details. The big “what is coming” type question will be addressed as always in Keith’s Roadmap, which is being worked on now. I would expect a few more weeks before you can read that. However, before the roadmap is in your hands, let’s talk about the next Game Update!

Game Update 5.7 – Legacy of the Creators

Release date: January 23rd


  • New Operation Boss: Scyva
    • Available in Story and Veteran Mode
  • Returning Companions! (these Missions will be Class-specific)
    • Risha & Corso
    • Andronikos
  • New Cartel Market Pack
  • Various bug fixes / updates

Although we will save the specifics for the Roadmap, beyond 5.7 you can expect additional Companions returning, a new Flashpoint, and more! Thanks everyone, we are looking forward to an exciting 2018.


Musco also responded to some queries on the class-specific nature of the companion returns and if they are going to be Alliance Alerts. Musco’s responses are bolded and italicised.

Originally Posted by CrutchCricket View Post


What does class specific mean in this context though?

Class-specific means that only the Class that those Companions are originally from will be able to get them. So in this case…

  • Risha & Corso – Smuggler only
  • Andronikos – Inquisitor only
Originally Posted by DuchessKristania View Post
So are all the returning companions going to be class specific from here out? I hope not, I made a smuggler clone of my agent and I’d like to be able to get Vector for her.

Many of them will be, but not all. It depends on the story we are telling with that particular Companion returning. I will make sure we note that for the future returns so you know which is which.


Originally Posted by uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu View Post
You still haven’t answered the most important part for me…. IS THIS GONNA BE AN ALLIANCE ALERT? Will it be VOICED? Will it have a dynamic camera? Or is it the much maligned setup that the other alliance alerts share?

Yes, it will be an Alliance Alert. However, it will be a cinematic and not a “KOTOR-style” conversation like the other alerts.


He also responded to forum user wingheart’s the idea of having class-specific companion returns available for all classes via a terminal but with no dialogue.

Originally Posted by wingheart View Post
Would any consideration be given to being able to claim these companions from a terminal if we want them for another character? No new lines would need to be recorded and it would be no different immersion-wise from running with Shae/Hexid/etc before you meet them in the story. I won’t speak for anyone else, but I’m fine with using my imagination to fill in the gaps. There are definitely certain companions I was looking forward to getting on other classes.

Good question. Right now it is not planned that you can access these Companions via the terminal on other Classes. However, I passed the suggestion on to the team as something we could possibly implement down the line.



I would personally like the option to get rid of companions that I do not want. I don’t know how others feel but I’m personally frustrated by how many companions I have. It could be something as simple as a UI fix that allows us to ‘hide’ companions that we don’t want to see on the list so it’s easier to summon the ones we want.

The writer of all the upcoming Companion returns, Samantha Wallschlaeger (who no longer works at Bioware Austin), tweeted her excitement about the announcement.

As for the Road Map and beyond 5.7, all the stuff Musco mentioned was already hinted at last year as I discuss in my article ‘What Content to expect in 2018 in The Old Republic‘. The Flashpoint, in particular, is obviously going to be the conclusion to Theron’s story arc.

The name of the update ‘Legacy of the Creators‘ does possibly hint that there could be more to 5.7 then they announced (at least we can hope).

What do you think of the announced companion returns? Were any of your favourites announced? Do you think there’s more to 5.7 then was announced?


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