SWTOR’s Game Producer Sets the Record Straight

After tenuous allegations that EA was considering shutting down Star Wars The Old Republic, Keith Kanneg, SWTOR’s Game Producer, came onto the forums to hint at future plans for the game and even an Expansion.

Hey all,


As Musco mentioned in the Live Stream yesterday, we’re busy working on an update to the Roadmap which should be available in mid-February. Keep in mind, we’ve just released Game Update 5.7, so expect the Roadmap to give you insight about the next 90 days or so.


I’m not ready to discuss all of the summer events and beyond that we’re planning. And, I definitely will not provide any information on what’s included in 6.0 . So, as always, hang in there, and we’ll provide you with what’s going on with SWTOR!


For the many of you who have asked privately, yes, I’m doing great, but December and January are typically very busy months for us with all the planning activities. Personally, I’ve been playing quite a bit, and am focused on crafting Superior Augments for my characters. Hopefully, I’ll reach Elite Warlord on my 2nd character, very soon, and to be honest, I’m pretty happy with all the changes we made this past year for Galactic Command.


Will update you soon,



So no, the game isn’t dead or dying as Kotaku would have you believe. They’re planning and creating content for this year. Does that sound like a dead game on the verge of being shut down to you? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

What did we learn from Keith’s comments?

  • December and January are busy months for planning content for the game hence the minimal communication.
  • The next Road Map is coming mid-February.
    • It’ll cover the next 90 days or so of Content.
  • Summer Events are being planned but not presently being announced.
  • Confirmation that 6.0 is happening (probably sometime after the summer). So yes, there will be another expansion!

There is nothing to worry about. This year. SWTOR is doing fine and in good hands. I for one look forward to learning what content they have in store for us.

You can read more about my thoughts on the recent controversy in my article For the last time, SWTOR is not Dead or Dying.

Read my article What Content to expect in 2018 in The Old Republic for some speculation as to what Content we can expect this year.

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