Okay, I have a confession to make. I don’t actually own a proper house in Elder Scrolls Online, yet. Only a couple of those Apartments you get for free from doing those Quests.

I’ve been saving up my Gold for nearly a whole year (so pretty much for as long as I’ve been playing the Game) to buy my first house. But I seem to have difficulty accumulating Gold. Of all the MMO’s I’ve played, ESO is definitely the hardest to earn coin in.

But that hasn’t stopped me from ‘previewing’ all the Houses (you can do this via the Crown store or Map) wondering around them dreaming of the day I could own one for myself. I’ve honestly not decided which of my favourites I will buy first. I figure once I have enough Gold, then I’ll decide which one I’ll get.

Hunding’s Palatial Hall

  • Location: Stros M’kai – Port Hunding.
  • House Type: Classic.
  • Style: Redguard.
  • Costs:
    • Unfurnished: 1,295,000 Gold (Requires ‘Glenumbra Adventurer’ Achievement) or 6,500 Crowns.
    • Furnished: 8,100 Crowns.

I’ve been eyeing this house as one of my first to purchase ever since I started playing the game. It features a private beach, a tower, plenty of balconies, a spacious house and nice grounds. I love the island setting and Redguard architecture and style.

Mathiisen Manor

  • Location: Auridon – Mathiisen.
  • House Type: Classic.
  • Style: High Elf.
  • Costs:
    • Unfurnished: 1,025,000 Gold (Requires ‘Auridon Adventurer’ Achievement).
    • Furnished: 7,500 Crowns.

There’s something clean and pretty about High Elf style and Architecture. It’s probably why Mathiisen Manor caught my eye. It’s a very pretty Manor with some nice grounds but it’s a shame they’re quite small. I’m also not a big fan of the interior layout of the Manor. I’ve seen other Aldmeri Manors in the game world with better layouts. So maybe in the future, we’ll get a Notable High Elf house!

Amaya Lake Lodge

  • Location: Vvardenfell.
  • House Type: Classic.
  • Style: Dark Elf.
  • Costs:
    • Unfurnished: 1,300,000 Gold (Requires ‘Saviour of Morrowind’ Achievement) or 7,000 Crowns.
    • Furnished: 8,800 Crowns.

This is quite a nice House. I really like the interior layout and the grounds are nice. It reminds me of a Tuscan villa. It does look deceptively small from the outside but inside has a few spacious rooms.

Quandam Indorilia

  • Location: Deshann – Mournhold.
  • House Type: Classic.
  • Style: Dark Elf.
  • Costs:
    • Unfurnished: 1,265,000 Gold (Requires ‘Deshaan Adventurer’ Achievement) or 6,100 Crowns.
    • Furnished: 7,600 Crowns.

I like Dark Elf Architecture and I especially like the interior layout of this house. It’s a shame the courtyard is so small.

Princely Dawnlight Palace

  • Location: Hews Bane – Abah’s Landing.
  • House Type: Notable.
  • Style: Redguard.
  • Costs: Currently Unknown.

Okay, this house isn’t on live servers yet. But it has fast become one of my favourite houses. From the moment when I first previewed it on the PTS, I knew I had to get it. It is almost perfect. It has lovely grounds with two pools and nice, spacious indoor space. The only thing that’s missing is easy access to the private Beach (which should be much bigger).

You can see my Princely Dawnlight Palace Preview Article for plenty of screenshots of the house coming in February.

Honourable Mention: Linchal Grand Manor

Unfortunately, this House is not currently available for purchase. But it does have lovely grounds and a good sized interior you can preview (via the Gold Coast Map), hold parties in for yourself and pretend that you own.

What is your favourite house in ESO? How many houses do you own?

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