The Erstwhile Sanctuary Preview

The Erstwhile Sanctuary is sadly now going to be made available for a limited time on the Crown Store from March 8 to March 12 at 10 am EDT.

Basic Information

  • Dark Brotherhood Theme.
  • Notable Home.
  • Available Unfurnished and Furnished.
  • Gold and Crown costs are currently unknown.


Gold Coast – Kvatch

House Entrance Screenshot 

Under the road leading up to Kvatch is a hidden cave which serves as the entrance to the Sanctuary.

House Map


Entrance Door.
Looking back at Entrance via the Cavern.

Side Room

Opposite the entrance is a small room with built in Bookshelves (click on smaller images to enlarge them).



A spacious Cavern complete with waterfalls and a stained glass window.

Bookshelf Room

A large room with pillars and some built-in bookshelves which overlooks the ravine.

Built-in bookshelves and pillars.
A view of the Ravine.

Pillar Room

A large room with multiple decorated pillars which also has a view of the ravine.

Facing towards Ravine.


Multiple waterfalls cascade down into the ravine as light barely filters in offering a breathtaking view. Sadly you can’t get all the way down to the bottom without dying.

Pedestal Room

The room consists of a central waterfall and a bunch of pedestals arranged around the waterfall. Also features a stained glass window visible from Cavern.


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