Tips for preparing for the Psijic Order Quest Line and Skill Line

The Psijic Order Questline (and also the main way to level the Psijic Skill Line) takes you all over Tamriel. It is quite a long grind but you can do it at your own pace (whether in 3 hours or over several days). Those who have fully explored Tamriel will have a much easier time completing the questline then those who haven’t.

You can read my full Guide to the Psijic Order Questline here.

Note – as Summerset is still on the PTS, this Guide is subject to change.


Tip – Make sure you have all the following locations throughout Tamriel Discovered

Summerset Locations are thoroughly detailed in a separate section.

Wayshrine List

If you wish to avoid spoilers or want to discover things for yourself, here is a list of the Wayshrines you can make sure you have discovered listed by zone without further context.

Note – You will travel to some zones more than once and there a few instances where more then one wayshrine is close to the destination hence why more then one Wayshrine is mentioned.

Daggerfall Covenant

  • Glenumbra
    • Baelborne Rock or Deleyn’s Mill
    • Wyrd Tree
    • Crosswych
  • Stormhaven
    • Bonesnap Ruins or Koeglin Village
    • Pariah Abbey
    • Wind Keep
    • Weeping Giant
  • Rivenspire
    • Crestshade
    • Tamrith Camp
    • Oldgate
    • Sanguine Barrows
    • Fells Run
    • Boralis
    • North Point
  • Alik’r Desert
    • Morwha’s Bounty
    • Kulati Mines
    • HoonDings Watch
    • Leki’s Blade
    • Goat’s Head Oasis
  • Bangkorai
    • Eastern Evermore

Ebonheart Pact

  • Stonefalls
    • Sulfur Pools
    • Brothers of Strife
    • Senie
  • Deshann
    • Selfora
    • West Narsis
    • Muth Gnaar Hills (or Mournhold)
    • Ghost Snake Vale (or Shad Astula)
    • Eidolon’s Hollow
    • Silent Mire
  • Shadowfen
    • Hatching Pools
    • Stillrise
    • Bogmother
    • Loriasel
    • Percolating Mire
  • Eastmarch
    • Fort Morvunskar
    • Wittestadr
  • The Rift
    • Geirmunds
    • Nimulten
    • Fallowstone Hall or Riften

Aldmeri Dominion

  • Grahtwood
    • Redfur Trading Post
    • Gil-Var-Delle or Falinesti
    • Ossuary
  • Greenshade
    • Moonhenge
    • Woodhearth
    • Labyrinth
    • Greenheart
  • Malabal Tor
    • Wilding Run or Baadari Tradepost
    • Vulkwasten
    • Abamath


  • Craglorn
    • Spellscar
    • Dragonstar
    • Skyreach
    • Sandy Path
    • Seeker’s Archive
    • Elinhir
Detailed Location Tables

Those who want to zip through and get the Psijic Order Skill Line to 10 ASAP may want to make sure they know where all these additional locations are.

While the Wayshrines are the most important thing to discover, I’ve also noted relevant locations (quest hub, striking locale (SL), delve (D), Dungeon (Du), World Boss (WB) etc.) and even if there’s a House close by. That way, those who happen to own the House can use it as an alternate means of travel.

Daggerfall Covenant
Zone Wayshrine Location Closest House
Glenumbra Baelborne Rock/Delevyn’s Mill Daenia Dolmen
Wyrd Tree Wyrd Tree
Crosswych Burial Mounds
Stormhaven Bonesnap Ruins/Koeglin Villiage Koeglin Lighthouse
Pariah Abbey Moonlit Maw
Wind Keep Cumberland Falls (SL)
Weeping Giant Weeping Giant
Rivenspire Crestshade Crestshade
Tamrith Camp Aesar’s Web (WB)
Shadowfate Cavern (SL)
Oldgate Trader’s Rest
Sanguine Barrows Sanguine Barrows
Fells Run Lokrata Hills Ravenhurst
Edrald Estate
Boralis East-Rock Landing (WB)
North Point Lagra’s Pearl (SL)
Alik’r Desert Morwha’s Bounty Salas En
Kulati Mines Easterly Aerie (SL)
HoonDings Watch HoonDings Watch
Leki’s Blade Leki’s Blade
Goat’s Head Oasis Divad Chagrin Mine (D)
Bangkorai Eastern Evermore Pelin Graveyard
Ebonheart Pact
Zone Wayshrine Location Closest House
Stonefalls Sulfur Pools Vivec’s Antlers
Brothers of Strife
Senie Senie
Deshann Selfora/Silent Mire Fang Spires
West Narsis Malak’s Maw Velothi Reverie
Muth Gnaar Hills (or Mournhold) Bthanual
Ghost Snake Vale (or Shad Astula)
Eidolon’s Hollow Shrine of Saint Veloth
Silent Mire Darkshade Caverns (Du)
Shadowfen Hatching Pools Hatching Pools Stay Moist Mansion
Stillrise Hei-Halai (SL)
Bogmother Bogmother
Loriasel Venemous Fens Dolmen
Percolating Mire Percolating Mire
Eastmarch Fort Morvunskar Cradlecrush
Wittestadr/Logging Camp Wittestadr
Wittestadr Darkwater Crossing
The Rift Geirmunds
Geirmunds/Nimulten Snapleg Cave (D) Autumn’s Gate
Fallowstone Hall/Riften Fort Greenwall
Aldmeri Dominion
Zone Wayshrine Location Closest House
Grahtwood Redfur Trading Post Ruined Tower
Gil-Var-Delle/Falinesti Gil-Var-Delle
Ossuary Ossuary of Telacar
Greenshade Moonhenge
Woodhearth Fisherman’s Rest (SL)
Greenheart/Labyrinth Labyrinth
Malabal Tor Wilding Run/Baadari Tradepost Black Vine Villa
Vulkwasten Horseshoe Island (SL)
Abamath Xylo River Basin Dolmen
Zone Wayshrine Location Closest House
Craglorn Spellscar Spellscar
Dragonstar Dragonstar Arena
Skyreach Skyreach Hold
Sandy path Hel Ra Citadel (T)
Sandy Path/Seeker’s Archive Scorpian Ravine
Spellscar Orgondar’s Winery (SL)
Elinhir Conflagrant Anomaly (WB)

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Tip – Summerset Wayshrines

When you log in on May 21st (let’s face it, we all will) you may want to discover all the Wayshrines before doing the Psijic Oder Skill Line, here is a map showing their locations and a list of which ones you should prioritise.

  • Alinor
  • Cey-Tarn Keep
  • Russafeld Heights
  • Ebon Stadmont
  • King’s Haven Pass
  • Shimmerene
  • Sil-Var-Woad
  • Sunhold

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Tip – Save up some Skill Points

If you’re like me and you haven’t quite gotten all the Skyshards yet or you haven’t done all the main questlines (for Cadwell’s Silver/Gold etc.) now might be a good time to do those and save the Skill Points you get. That way you can use them to get the Psijic Order abilities and passives straight away.

Skill Point Sources
  • Leveling 1-50 – you get at least 1 skill point for each level
  • Skyshards – every 3 Skyshards you get gives you a skill point, they are located in every zone in the game
  • Main Zone Questlines – completing all factions main storylines plus DLC story will give you skill points (hint: look at your quest achievements for each zone and DLC)
    • Ebonheart Pact
    • Daggerfall Covenant
    • Aldmeri Dominion
    • Morrowind
    • Clockwork City
  • Guild Questlines – same as main questlines, you will get skill points for doing the main storyline for each Guild
    • Fighters Guild
    • Mages Guild
    • Thieves Guild
    • Dark Brotherhood
  • Dungeons – there is a one-time story quest for each Dungeon
  • Public Dungeons – defeating the Group Event Boss in a Public Dungeon will grant you a Skill Point
  • PvP – going up a Rank earns you a Skill Point

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