Summerset CE Treasure Map Locations

Summerset Collector’s Edition Treasure Map Locations.


CE Treasure Map I

  • Location – By a tree among the rocks by the lake between Archon’s Grove Delve and the ‘Garden of Sacred Numbers’ Striking Locale just south of some ancient ruins.
  • Closest Wayshrine – Sil-Var-Woad

CE Treasure Map II

  • Location – Just northeast of Ebon Stadmont up near the cliff edge by some pink trees west of the King’s Haven Pass Delve.
  • Closest Wayshrine – Ebon Stadmont

CE Treasure Map III

  • Location – Just south-east of Welenkin Cove World Boss (right by a Thieves Guild Dead Drop).
  • Closest Wayshrine – Alinor

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