Wolfhunter and Murkmire DLC Details

I’ll be keeping this article updated as more information is revealed! 

Matt Firor, Elder Scrolls Online’s Game Director announced at E3 the next two DLC’s coming to ESO!

Titled ‘Wolf Hunter‘ and ‘Murkmire‘, both DLC’s will be available later this year.

Wolfhunter – Beware Hircine’s Curse

The next DLC coming out will feature two new and challenging group dungeons:

  • Moon Hunter Keep
  • March of Sacrifices

As their names suggest, these two dungeons are themed around Tamriel’s werewolves, and you’ll be able to dive into all-new stories surrounding those afflicted with the lycanthropic curse and even, perhaps, come face-to-face with the Daedric Prince Hircine himself.

Both dungeons feature two very different environments, and they will challenge you and your group with hordes of monstrous defenders and tricky boss encounters.

As always, there will be powerful new item sets, monster masks, and other unique rewards for those who answer the call.

Murkmire – Venture into Argonia

Available later this year, Murkmire is ESO‘s next zone and story content expansion, and it will take you into the home of the Argonians. There, you will win the trust of reclusive tribes, delve deep into crumbling xanmeer ruins, and hack your way through the savage wilds of Black Marsh to discover one of the Hist’s greatest secrets.

Similar to previous DLC zones, Murkmire will feature –

  • A brand new area to explore
  • An exciting storyline
  • New World Bosses and Delves
  • A brand-new group arena (with its own leaderboard).

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