PvP Improvements ESO Needs in 2019

It ain’t no secret that PvP, especially Cyrodiil, is in dire need of attention in Elder Scrolls Online. Cyrodiil is plagued with performance issues and desperately needs some quality of life improvements.

Here’s my list of the major PvP related things that needs fixing

and Performance

This is obviously the biggest issue plaguing Cyrodiil right now. Abilities taking five seconds to go off, not being able to swap bars, rubberbanding, texture bugs and just lag in general. All of these issues seem to get worse after each update and it affects everyone to some extent regardless of how good or bad their PC is.

Stuck in Combat Bug

While everyone gets affected by this to some extent, this is the absolute worst if you’re a healer. Being stuck in combat long after you’ve finished the engagement is incredibly frustrating. Usually, it’s because someone you were fighting escaped or someone in your group you healed is off elsewhere in a fight somewhere. But seriously, this needs to be addressed.

Between my Potions and Repair Kits, I only have two spots for Siege.

More Quick Slots or ability to change Quick Slots in combat

Whether this is intentional or bug, it is having a significant impact on gameplay. We simply do not have enough slots for all the siege, potions and repair kits we need to have equipped. More often then not I don’t have the siege I need when I need it and when I’m in combat I cannot change my quick slots. This combined with the combat bug is very detrimental to Keep battles.

Swap Harlun’s Outpost and Cropsford

Having an outpost deep in your territory that is easily capped and defendable by the enemy is very disadvantageous for the Pact. Harlun’s serves no purpose for the Pact except as an extra point on the scoreboard while the enemy factions can quickly cap it and use it as a staging ground into our back keeps. HO would far better serve the Pact if it was located where Cropsford is.

Reduce how much Bridge/Milegate Repair kits Repair

Destroying bridges and milegates is pretty redundant considering how ridiculously easy it is to repair them versus how time-consuming it is to destroy them. I enjoy the mechanic of being able to destroy bridges and milegates but something needs to be done to make it better.

Why take the time to destroy a bridge when 2 minutes later it’ll be repaired to where you can pass over it again (if you don’t keep it tagged). You can’t earn Alliance Points guarding them and keeping them flagged so they can’t be repaired either. So there’s very little motivation for anyone to actually do it.

Ultimately people will do what gives them AP and hanging out around bridges and milegates doesn’t give you any (unless there are players around fighting each other).

Stackable Siege

In a recent update, we were finally able to stack Forward Camps which is fantastic! However, it would be amazing if all siege was stackable! This would be a great quality of life improvement.

Imperial City Access/Purpose

Travelling to and around Imperial City and the Sewers is a pain in the ass. There needs to be a way to get straight ther without having to go through Cyrodiil. Imperial City, in general, needs a greater purpose to it to encourage more participation.

It’s also annoying having Imperial City tied to Cyrodiil population and queue. It should either be a separate queue or it should be better tied into what is happening in Cyrodiil, ie. if your faction has a couple of districts captured, it affects your faction score in Cyrodiil.

Target Markers and Crown Markers

Other MMO’s I’ve played have target markers in the base game. ESO could definitely benefit from having target markers which could be used for both PvP and PvE. If someone made an addon that made it so you could place target markers on any player or NPC, that would be amazing.

When it comes to ‘crown’ (group leader marker) it could use some improvement. While we do have add-ons that make ‘crown’ bigger, it would be even better if we could change the colour of ‘crown’.

A new PvP Zone?

There have been rumours of a new PvP Zone popping up lately. While I am open to the idea of a new PvP Zone, I’d prefer to see performance issues addressed first and foremost. However, it would make sense, lore-wise, to move on from Cyrodiil and create a new PvP zone ( the conflict their well and truly over).

A new zone would certainly freshen things up and adding new siege, mechanics, environments etc. could prove to be very interesting. Maybe if they build another zone from the ground up they might be able to eliminate or reduce some of the issues currently plaguing Cyrodiil?

Regardless of the issues affecting PvP currently, I still somewhat enjoy my time in Cyrodiil (credit for that goes to my PvP Guild though!). If they would fix these issues though, everyone could have a far better PvP experience!

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