New Outfit Styles and Crafting Motif Coming in Update 21 and Beyond

The Wrathstone DLC/Update 21 is introducing a bunch of new Outfit Styles and a Crafting Motif which players will be able to get from a variety of sources*.

*Note some of these Styles/Motif may not come out with Update 21.

More information can be found on the PTS Forums.

The Five Companions Outfit Style Pages

You’ll be able to get the Style Pages for the various Companions’ Outfits from Anniversary Jubilee Boxes. All Style Pages that drop from Jubilee boxes are tradeable.

The Anniversary Jubilee Event is running for five weeks. Each week you’ll be able to get a different companions’ Style Pages from a different method (listed below)and from the Impresario Vendor for Five Event Tickets each. For example, during Week 2 of the Event, you’ll be able to buy Lyris Titanborn Style Pages from the Impresario. (Note that the Outfit Style Pages purchased from the Impresario are not tradeable or sellable).

  • Week 1 (The Prophet): Crafting Writs
  • Week 2 (Lyris Titanborn): Delve & World Boss Dailies
  • Week 3 (Abnur Tharn): Cyrodiil dailies
  • Week 4 (Sai Sahan): Undaunted Pledges and Trial Weekly quests
  • Week 5 (All Companions): All daily quests in the game, offering all four Companions’ outfit styles

Note I used the same dyes (Legate’s Black, Fire Drake’s Flame (Red) and Divine Gold) for all outfits.

Abnur Tharn
  • Abnur Tharn’s Jerkin
  • Abnur Tharn’s Breeches
  • Abnur Tharn’s Epaulets
  • Abnur Tharn’s Shoes
  • Abnur Tharn’s Gloves
  • Abnur Tharn’s Sash
  • Abnur Tharn’s Staff
  • Abnur Tharn’s Dagger
Lyris Titanborn
  • Lyris Titanborn’s Cuirass
  • Lyris Titanborn’s Greaves
  • Lyris Titanborn’s Pauldrons
  • Lyris Titanborn’s Sabatons
  • Lyris Titanborn’s Gauntlets
  • Lyris Titanborn’s Girdle
  • Lyris Titanborn’s Battle Axe
  • Lyris Titanborn’s Shield
Sai Sahan
  • Sai Sahan’s Jack
  • Sai Sahan’s Guards
  • Sai Sahan’s Arm Cops
  • Sai Sahan’s Boots
  • Sai Sahan’s Bracers
  • Sai Sahan’s Belt
  • Sai Sahan’s Sword
  • Sai Sahan’s Greatsword
The Prophet

Note the Outfit doesn’t come with a Sash and the Staff can not be dyed. The character is wearing Lyris Titanborn’s Girdle.

  • The Prophet’s Hood
  • The Prophet’s Robe
  • The Prophet’s Breeches
  • The Prophet’s Shawl
  • The Prophet’s Sandals
  • The Prophet’s Wraps
  • Prophet’s Staff

Cadwell’s Weapons

You’ll be able to get Cadwell’s Weapons Outfit Styles for 5 event tickets each from the Impresario Vendor* during the Jester’s Festival and from Stupendous Jester’s Festival Boxes.

*The Impresario is located just outside Davon’s Watch (Stonefalls), Vulkel Guard (Auridon) and Daggerfall (Glenumbra).

Firedrake, Pit Daemon and Stormlord Weapon Outfit Styles

You’ll be able to get these new Weapon Outfit Styles from completing Battlegrounds in Update 21.

Fire Drake

Pit Daemon

Storm Lord

Honour Guard Crafting Motif

You’ll be able to get the Honor Guard Crafting Motifs from completing Blackrose Prison. It will be added to live servers in May.

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