Announcing ‘Onslaught’ The Old Republic’s Next Expansion

Star Wars The Old Republic has finally officially announced their next expansion, ‘Onslaught’ coming in September 2019!

At their Community Cantina in Chicago, they announced the Expansion to a packed hall of enthusiastic players.

You can watch the full Cantina Presentation here.


  • New Story – spanning two planets and a flashpoint
  • New Planets
    • Onderon
    • Mek-Sha (new planet)
  • Flashpoint – Corellia (concludes the story)
  • New Operation – Dxun
  • New Abilities for all Advanced Classes
  • Sweeping Itemisation and Gear changes – customisation, new set bonuses, horizontal progression
  • New Species – Nautolan (10+ colour options)
  • New Level Cap – 75
  • New Character select screen music

It will be on the PTS at some point in the Summer.

Release Details

  • Release Date – September 2019
  • Cost – FREE for Subscribers!

All you have to do is Subscribe one time to gain access to the Expansion (and all previous expansions).

Cantina Code


Items you get.


“War consumes the galaxy. Hungering for dominance, the ruthless SITH EMPIRE fights to destroy their ancient enemies in the GALACTIC REPUBLIC.

Assembling an overwhelming fleet of the Empire’s most powerful warships, DARTH MALGUS sets out to obliterate a new and highly-advanced Republic shipyard on the planet Corellia.

Now, desperate to prevent this catastrophe, the Republic rushes to gather the forces necessary to defend this vital facility–one that could finally turn the tide of the war in their favor….”


“The search for allies leads to Onderon, a planet of untamed jungles and savage beasts. For centuries, Onderon has been a loyal member of the Republic – but will the planet’s newly-crowned King maintain that ancient allegiance?”


“Travel to Mek-Sha, an independent fueling station and boomtown built in the hollows of a mined-out asteroid once controlled by the Hutts. This lawless den of smugglers, pirates, mercenaries, traders, and refugees has become a crossroads for the entire galaxy – a place where opportunity and danger can be found in equal measure.”


“War between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire blazes across the galaxy. Crucial resources dwindle as piracy and crime escalate dramatically. Amid this chaos, the Alliance Commander has the chance to tip the scales in favor of either faction, committing their elite forces to decide the fate of the galaxy.

As the Sith Empire prepares to make a decisive strike against a newly-constructed Republic shipyard on the planet Corellia, members of the Dark Council see victory on the horizon and begin plotting against one another in anticipation of the spoils. Meanwhile, Republic forces must race against time to muster reinforcements from across the galaxy in order to defend Corellia from the Sith.”

New Operation

Dxun, Onderon’s largest moon, is teeming with wild jungle-life – drawing the attention of the unscrupulous Czerka Corporation as well as a band of fanatical Trandoshan hunters. The Operation will be available at launch, so gather your friends and prepare for one of the galaxy’s greatest challenges!”

Spoils of War – New Gearing and Itemisation

“Our philosophy for this expansion is, play your way. Items have always been an important part of your character’s identity, but for the first time we are offering true depth and choice with exciting new items that let you decide how to play in the upcoming battle.

One of the ways that we’re adding this depth is with an entirely new type of gear slot – Tactical items. These build-defining items directly alter your abilities and playstyle. Taking these new items, players will be able to pair them with numerous new set bonuses to choose from, including general sets that can be used by everyone.

These item sets can be acquired through multiple paths. Acquire your gear no matter how you choose to play: Player vs Environment, Player vs Player, Galactic Command, and Crafting are all viable. New set items, Tactical items, and more open a pathway to limitless depth allowing you to play your character exactly how you want!”


  • More loot than ever before
  • Gear Progression will be faster than ever before
  • Give us items that are the same power level but do different things
  • New set bonuses – advanced class sets, base class sets and generic sets
  • Non-combat set bonuses
  • Ability to mix and match sets (hybridisation)
  • Making it easier to move items through legacy

Tactical Items

  • Brand new item slot
  • Ability customisation – will vary depending on class/discipline, will have the potential to change your rotation.
  • Take the abilities you love and make builds around them

More details about this new gearing and itemisation system will be announced in the future.

New Character Select Screen Music


Thank you to everyone who was at the Cantina and/or covered it in various ways!

The Devs will be doing a Livestream next week to talk more about Onslaught! Specific date and time TBA.

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