The Old Republic’s new Free-to-Play changes Explained

Star Wars The Old Republic is introducing some long-needed changes to it’s Free-to-play (F2P) and Preferred status systems. For reference, here are the differences between F2P and Preferred status.

  • Free-to-Play– Players that have not spent any money and have access to the original storyline of the game.
  • Preferred – Players that either used to be Subscribers or have spent money on the Cartel Market.*
  • Subscription – Players that pay a monthly amount to access all gameplay content of SWTOR.

The key changes coming for F2P and Preferred players include and increase credit cap, no restrictions on Quick Travel or Medical Probes (reviving) and more Quickbar slots!

Increased Credit Cap

The Credit Cap for both F2P and Preferred players is being increased to 1,000,000 Credits from 200,000 (F2P) and 350,000 (Preferred) respectfully.

Their reasoning for this change is due to growth in the in-game economy over the years. 200,000 Credits simply does buy what it used to.

Extra Quickbar

F2P players will have 3 Quickbars instead of 2 and Preferred Players will have 5 Quickbars instead of 4.

Medical Probe and Quick Travel

Restrictions on Quick Travel and Medical Probes (reviving after death) are being removed. This means F2P and Preferred players will no longer need to purchase consumables to be able to use these as they are being removed from the game. They will have the same access to these features as subscribers.

All these changes are going live with Game Update 5.10.4 in July!

*For reference, all you have to do to obtain Preferred Status as a F2P player is to make a single purchase off of the Cartel Market. One of the cheapest ways to do this is to buy 250 Cartel Coins for $2.99 USD.

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