Spoils of War Gear Vendor Guide (PTS)

Update – Every PTS update they keep increasing the vendor item prices… Sigh. But pricing/info is up to date as of the 29th September. (Images are not up to date).

There is a Vendor in the Supplies section of Imperial Fleet and Republic Fleet that contains Spoils of War Gear Boxes.

These boxes contain a random piece of gear in them. The gear you get is determined by what box you buy and what your active Discipline is. The quality of the item is based on what your Gear Item Rating is.

Contains an item that is tailored to your active discipline when opened. Maximum potential scales with your current iRating.

Gear Box Tooltip

They cost a new currency called ‘Tech Fragments’. They are located in the Currency tab in your Inventory and are bound to Legacy (like Command Tokens). You can earn them from all types of Content including (but not limited to):

  • Completing Warzones
  • Deconstructing Gear
  • Earning a Renown Level
  • Killing Flashpoint and Operation Bosses

Can be exchanged for special items at the Spoils of War vendor located on the fleet, Odessen and Onderon.

Tech Fragment Tooltip

Here are all the items on the Vendor and their cost.

Unidentified Armouring 300
Unidentified Barrel 375
Unidentified Belt 325
Unidentified Boots 350
Unidentified Bracer 325
Unidentified Chestpiece 350
Unidentified Ear 325
Unidentified Enhancement 300
Unidentified Equipment 250
Unidentified Gloves 350
Unidentified Helmet 350
Unidentified Hilt 375
Unidentified Implant 325
Unidentified Legs 350
Unidentified Mainhand Weapon 450
Unidentified Mod 300
Unidentified Offhand Weapon 450
Unidentified Relic 325

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