[UPDATED] How to Prepare for Game Update 6.0

Star Wars The Old Republic’s Expansion, ‘Onslaught’, (Game Update 6.0) is launching on October 22nd. With it comes a bunch of new content and changes to existing content. Here are my tips on how you can be prepared for Game Update 6.0!

Note – Some of the ‘specifics’ are subject to change since they’re based on information from the PTS. But the overall tips should still be relevant regardless.

UPDATED – 19th/20th October with additional info revealed this week on the Developer Tracker and NEW TIPS!

UPDATE – 22nd/21st October I just learned that you can circumnavigate the 2-hour timer on buying gear by putting crystals in weapons. So buy weapons to spend your Unassembled Components and Masterwork Data Crystals!

Currencies that will be Obsolete when 6.0 Launches

The following currencies/items will be converted into Credits when 6.0 Launches.

  • Unassembled Components
  • Command Tokens
  • Masterwork and Monumental Crystals
  • Alliance Recon Data
  • Command Point Consumables
  • Command Gear Pieces

Command Token to Credits Conversion Rate – 1 Command Token = 5 Credits. All other conversion rates are unknown (but will likely be similarly small).

Items that cost Masterwork and Monumental Crystals on the Ossus Vendors will have a Credit Cost instead.

Renown and Galactic Command

Since Renown is replacing Galactic Command, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

  • Galactic Command Rank is resetting to 0 for all characters.
  • No reason to stockpile Command Crates either as they will not convert into Renown crates and Command Tokens will become credits (see above).
  • All Legacy Perks for GC will now affect Renown. The Commanding Legacy Perk has been adjusted, it no longer stacks but is a 25% increase for Renown gain across the Legacy.
  • The Achievements for earning Command Rank 300 on Classes will become Feats of Strength with Onslaught’s launch.

Note that unlike Galactic Command, Renown will be an entirely supplementary system for gearing.

Tip 1 – Save up your Credits

This expansion is going to be expensive! Costs of various items already in the game are going to go up and new additions are going to be quite expensive too.

  • Removing Mods from your armour is going to cost more (especially Legendary ~97,000 Credits).
  • Crafting Materials from the Crew Skill Trade Vendor are going to cost more. (Edit – Musco has since come out and said that crafting item cots are being reduced)
  • Adding Augment slots to your gear with Augment kits is going to cost 100,000 Credits.
  • Amplifiers a new supplementary stat system on armour cost credits to reroll (change stats). Reroll cost starts at 10,000 Credits. (See my Amplifiers Guide for more details on how this system works).
New Grade 11 Mats start at 3,500 each.

Tip 2 – Hold onto your Grade 10 Crafting Mats

The new tier of Crafting was a very painful grind on the PTS. To get a leg up in Endgame Content in 6.0 without having to rely on the new crafting system, save your Grade 10 mats so you can craft 228 Augments and Augment Kits. All other Tiers of 5.0 era Augments will have their stats reduced in 6.0.

Tip 3 – Turn in Unassembled Pieces

If you happen to have any unassembled pieces sitting on your toons, turn them into the vendors on the fleet, let the 2-hour cooldown timer go down, then vendor them. There will be no way to turn these in when 6.0 launches. They will instead be converted to credits likely at ar ate lower than what you can vendor them for.

Tip 4 – Save up your Jawa Scrap

The new Grade 11 crafting materials will cost 200 Jawa Scrap each for all tiers (Premium, Prototype, Artifact). The price of other crafting materials has also been raised. The cost of materials is now based on their crafting Level. So Level 3 materials cost 3 Jawa Scrap each. Likewise, Grade 7 crafting mats now cost 7 Jawa Scrap each.

Tip 5 – Spend your Command Tokens on CXP Boosts

When 6.0 launches, existing CXP boosts will be converted into Renown Boosts (which stack!). Renown is replacing Galactic Command and will work as a supplementary gearing system with similar mechanics to Galactic Command. Since Command Tokens will be converted to Credits (at a very small rate) it is far better to just buy the CXP boosts. That way you’ll be able to level your Renown faster once you hit level 75.

Command Token to Credits Conversion Rate – 1 Command Token = 5 Credits.

Claim the ‘Credit Chit’ from your Renown Stash then sell it to a Vendor to get your Credits.

Tip 6 – Spend your Unassembled Components

Unassembled Components aren’t going to be worth anything in 6.0 and there will be no vendors you can spend them at. So it is best to spend them now.

Your best bet is to spend them on weapons then add crystals to them. This will get rid of the 2-hour timer enabling you to vendor them immediately rather than waiting for 2-hours!

There will be a conversion rate for Unassembled Components likely similar to Command Tokens.

Tip 7 – Get Achievements

In 6.0, some achievements will be no longer obtainable. These achievements will be moved to a new Achievement Category “Feats of Strength” when 6.0 launches. The main achievements that have been moved to this category are the Galactic Command Achievements.

For more details, see my Feats of Strength Achievement Guide.

Everything as we know it is going to change. There is a lot of new content coming with 6.0 along with plenty of changes to existing content that are going to shake up the entire game. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you have any tips of your own, be sure to share them in the comments below or on Twitter!

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