Game Update 6.0 Amplifiers Guide

As with all my 6.0 Guides, everything is subject to change.

Amplifiers are a brand new supplementary Stat System being introduced to The Old Republic in Game Update 6.0, Onslaught.

It is an entirely RNG based system not taken into account in balance targets (eg. Operation Boss DPS targets or PvP Bolster). It is entirely a bonus set of Stats.

UPDATED – 29th August with Phase 2 changes.

What are Amplifiers?
Recalibrating (Changing) Amplifiers
Amplifier Lists
Current Unknowns

What are Amplifiers?

Amplifiers are bonus stat applied to gear shells, mods and left side gear pieces. These bonus stats can be recalibrated as many times as you like for a credit fee.

Amplifiers are located on the following armour pieces –

  • Armour Shells (except Mainhands and Offhands, this is intentional)
  • Armourings
  • Mods
  • Enhancements
  • Relics
  • Implants
  • Earpieces

Keep in mind that Armourings, Mods and Enhancements as well as Shells, Relics, Implants and Earpieces are all Bind on Legacy. Costs to remove modifications from Armour Shells remain.

The Amplifier Stat’s value varies based on a percentage or number which is entirely rolled at random. These percentages are divided into 4 tiers based on rarity by the colour of the tooltip. The colour order from minimum to maximum is green, blue, purple and gold. If the tooltip is gold, then you’re Amplifier is at the exact maximum percentage obtainable.

The minimum and maximum percentages for Amplifiers vary. Crafting Amplifiers and some Combat Amplifiers, for example, range from 0.10% – 1.50%. Other Amplifiers can go up to 5.00%.

Recalibrating (Changing) Amplifiers

You can change an Amplifier by recalibrating it. There are two ways to access the recalibration window. Via the Character UI or by right-clicking on a gear piece to modify it.

To access Amplifiers via gear, all you have to do is click on the Amplifier you wish to change in the Modification Window to open the Recalibrate window. Then click on the Recalibrate button. You typically get a choice between two new Amplifiers (though sometimes it only gives you one). The percentage or number that comes with the Stat is entirely random.

1. Amplifier Location. 2. Recalibrate Button. 3. Updating your Amplifier. 4. Amplifier Tooltip.

To change the Amplifier to a new one, just click ‘Update’ next to the new Amplifier you like and it will change the Amplifier on your Modification to the new one. If you do not like the options given to you, you can hit the Recalibrate button again.

If you access you Amplifiers through the Character UI, a list of all the Amplifiers you have in your gear comes up. You can hover over each one to see it’s tooltip. Click on the square shape to recalibrate the Amplifier.

1. Amplifier Button in Character Sheet. 2. Accessing the Recalibrate Window. 3. Recalibrate button.

You can recalibrate an Amplifier as many times as you like, but the cost goes up each time you do. Every time you hit the Recalibrate button, you are charged the credits indicated on the button.

Recalibration Starting Cost – 5688 Credits

The cost to recalibrate goes up incrementally by roughly 300 credits to start with then gradually goes up. When you get to ~20,000 Credit recalibration cost, the increment is ~1,000 Credits.

If you exit out of the Recalibration window without picking a new Amplifier, the currently rolled Amplifier options will be lost. A dialogue warning box will pop up.

Amplifiers Lists

Here is a fairly comprehensive list of Amplifiers from PTS 1.5. A specific Amplifier will only appear on one slot type. For example, the Life Stealing Amplifier is only found on Enhancements.

Non-moddable armour uses the Armourings/Hilts/Barrels table.

Shells/Relics/Implants/Earpiece and Mods mainly have Crafting and various QoL/Utility Amplifiers. Armourings and Enhancements are mostly combat-related.

Generally, crafting related Amplifiers are far more common to get than non-crafting Amplifiers on Shells/Relics/Implants/Earpiece and Mods.

Note – I am missing maximum percentages for most Amplifiers. In some cases, I just put the highest number/percentage I got. Those are accompanied by a question mark. It’s also highly likely that I am missing some Amplifiers.


Potent Scavenging increases Scavenging time efficiency. 1.50%
Potent Diplomacy Increases Diplomacy time efficiency 1.50%
Synth Potency increases Synthweaving time efficiency 1.50%
Potent Slicing increases Slicing time efficiency 1.50%
Potent Bioanalysis increases Bioanalysis time efficiency 1.50%
Cybertech Potency increases Cybertech time efficiency 1.50%
Potent UW Trading increases Underworld Trading time efficiency 1.50%
Potent Investigation increases Investigation time efficiency 1.50%
Potent Trs Hunting increases Treasure Hunting time efficiency 1.50%
Armourmech Potency increases Armourmech time efficiency 1.50%
Armstech Potency increases Armstech time efficiency 1.50%
Potent Archaeology increases Archaeology time efficiency 1.50%
Biochem Potency increases Biochem time efficiency 1.50%
Artifice Potency increases Artifice time efficiency 1.50%
Potent Gathering increases Archaeology, Bioanalysis, Scavenging and Slicing time efficiency  
Flashpoint Bounty increases XP and Renown points earned from completing a flashpoint  
Mission Potency
increases Diplomacy, Investigation, Treasure Hunting and Underworld Trading time efficiency
Operation Bounty increases the XP and Renown points earned from completing Operations  
Adventuring Bounty increases the Credits and XP earned from quests 1.00%
Starship Booty grants a chance to recive GSF and space mission componenets from standard mobs  
Galactic Starbounty increases the XP and Renown points earned from completing a GSF match  
Resourceful improves your gathering from resource nodes  
Legacy increases legacy experience from all sources  
Competitive Bounty increases the rewards gained from PvP activities  
Unlucky Sometimes your just unlucky. Rumour has, being unlucky enough reveals a special reward  
Flashpoint Bounty increases the XP and Renown points earned from completing a Flashpoint  


Artifice Expert increases Artifice critical success chance 1.50%
UW Trading Expertise increases Underworld Trading success rate. 1.50%
Featherweight reduces damage taken from falling 1.50%
Slicing Expert increases Slicing success rate 1.50%
Trs Hunting Expertise increases Treasure Hunting success rate 1.50%
Synth Expert increases Synthweaving critical success rate 1.50%
Amstech Expert Armstech Potency 1.50%
Archaeology Expert increases Archaeology success rate 1.50%
Bargain Haggling reduces the cost to reapir items 0.80%
Investigation Expert increases Investigation success rate 1.50%
Frequent Flyer reduces the cost of travelling ot a planet ?3.20%
Scavenging Expert increases Scavenging success rate 1.50%
Gathering Expert increases Archaeology, Bioanalysis, Scavenging and Slicing success rates  
Durable Coating reduces durabiltiy loss on gear ?3.60%
Presence increases the combat effectiveness of your companion 310?
Diplomacy Expert increases Diplomacy success rate 1.50%
Armourmech Expert increases your Armourmech critical success rate 1.50%
Biochem Expert increaces Biochem critical success chance 1.50%
Slicing Expert increases Slicing success rate 1.50%
Mission Expert
increases Diplomacy, Invsestigation, Treasure Hunting, and Underworld Trading success rate
Influential increases the Influence your companions gain from all sources  
Cybertech Expert increases Cybertech critical success chance 1.50%
Mount Speed increases your speed while mounted  


Force Protection reduces damage taken from Force attacks  
Aural Resistance reduces damage taken from area effects 1.50%
Armor Penetration causes attacks dealing Kinetic damage or Energy damage to ignore a portion of the target’s armor 1.50%
Periodic Defence reduces damage taken from Periodic Effects  
Medtech increases the healing done by Tech abilities 1.50%
Tech Wizardry increases damage dealt by tech abiltiies  
Weapon Expertise increases damage dealt by weapon attacks  
Force Sensitivity increases the damage dealt by Force abiltiies 1.50%
Periodic Defence reduces damage taken from Periodic Effects 1.50%
Reinforced Armour reduces damage taken from weapon attacks  
Periodic Intensity increases damage dealt by Period Effects 1.50%
Weapon Expertise increases damage dealt by weapon attacks 1.50%
Force Harmonisation increases the healing done by force abilities 1.50%
Fortuitous Redoubt generates an absorb shield when you parry, dodge, or reflect an attack 180?
First Strike increases the damage dealt by the first direct damage attack while out of combat ?4.55%
Aural Command increases the damage of all Area Effect attacks 1.50%
Periodic Healing increases the healing done by periodic effects 1.00%
Tech Aegis reduces damage taken from tech attacks  
En Garde reduces the damage of the first direct damage attack suffered after being out of combat 1.00%
Readied Healing increases healing of your first direct heal while out of combat  
Residual Recovery causes direct heals on allies to leave a heal over time on the target 1.00%
Overward causes overhealing on allies to generate an absorption shield for a percentage of the allies health 1.00%
Aural Rejuvenation (bugged tooltip)  


Heal Magnet Heal Magnet increases your healing recieved from any sources other than yourself  
Life Stealing heals the caster for a percentage of damage done 5.00%
Critical Movement grants a short burst of mvoement speed after a critical hit or critical heal  
Combat Invigoration grants a small rate of health regen while in combat  
Calming Companions reduces threat generation of companions  
Selfish Healing increases the healing recieved when you heal yourself  
Jailbreaking lowers the cooldown of your crowd control escaping ability  
Hardiness regenerates a fixed amount of health per second while stunned or incapacitated +1
Soothing Haste gives the caster and target of direct heals a movement speed boost  
Snaring Crits slows targets briefly after you deal critical damage  
Threat Generation increases threat gained against enemies when attacking  
applies a percentage of damage dealt beyond what is needed to kill a target to a nearby enemy
Rolling Heals heals the caster for a fixed amount when your periodic effects crit +1
Stealth Detection improves your ability to find enemies who are stealthed  
Defensive Healing activates a heal each time you activate a defensive cooldown ability +1
Towering Companions increases threat generation of companions  
Threat Reduction Allayment reduces threat generation  
Strong Legged reduces the effectivemenss of slows on you  
Kwikpacs reduces the cooldown timer for health packs  
Juiced Meds increases the effects of health packs  

Current Unknowns

  • Recalibrate Cost Cap – The highest recalibration cost I got up to was well over $4,000,000 Credits. I’m not sure if there is a cost cap as they mentioned there would be in the Spoils of War Stream. It is, of course, possible that they did not implement a cap (in PTS 1.5).
  • Will RNG Protection Factor into Amplifiers? While they did discuss this in regards to gear acquisition (via various means) it is unknown if RNG protection will be factored into recalibrating Amplifiers.

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