Game Update 6.3 Patch Notes & Maintenance Times

Game Update 6.3 Patch Notes & Maintenance Times. This article covers maintenance times for various timezones and the full Game Update 6.3 Patch Notes.

Scheduled Maintenance

Maintenance to deploy Game Update 6.3 is scheduled for April 27th at:

  • 6 am – 9 am PDT
  • 9 am – 12 pm EDT
  • 1300 – 1600 UTC
  • 2 pm – 5 pm BST
  • 3 pm – 6 pm CEST
  • 9 pm – 12 am SGT (28th)
  • 11 pm – 2 am AEST (28th)
  • (28th) 1 am – 4 am NZST

Use this link to find out when maintenance is in your timezone –

Game Update 6.3 Patch Notes


  • New Flashpoint – Secrets of the Enclave – Experience a new story and unearth secrets that brought Darth Malgus to the Jedi Enclave ruins on Dantooine!
  • Galactic Seasons – Welcome to the first Galactic Season: “The Stranger from Kubindi.” Complete Daily and Weekly Priority Objectives to earn new rewards. More information here: Welcome to Galactic Seasons
  • Double XP for May 4th! – Running May the 4th and lasting until May 18th, enjoy two weeks full of Double XP, Valor, and Renown.
  • Ranked PvP Season 14 – Today marks the beginning of Ranked PvP Season 14. Players who participated and earned Bronze, Silver, and Gold rewards during season 13 will find their rewards waiting in their mailboxes. Top 96 players will receive their rewards in the coming days. Season 13 Ranked PvP Rewards are now available on our PvP Vendor, Giradda the Hutt, on the Fleet.


  • The Onderon Explorer Achievement is now working properly.
  • The Legacy Stronghold Limit has been increased to 20 (up from 15).
  • Updated the chat filter to help combat spam messages.
  • Reduced the Legacy Level Requirements of the following Convenience Unlocks:
    • Legacy Fleet Pass I, II, and III now require Legacy Level 1/5/10 (down from 5/10/15).
    • Legacy Travel I, II, and III now require Legacy Level 1/5/10 (down from 5/10/15).
    • Rocket Boost now requires Legacy Level 1 (down from 8).
    • Improved Priority Transport: Personal Starship I now requires Legacy Level 15 (down from 30).
  • All players now have access to Displaying Titles and Unifying Colors.
  • The Day 7 Login Reward crate now correctly displays an icon.
  • The chat command /sneeze now uses the Sneeze Emote as intended.
  • The chat command /bound now correctly plays the Bound Emote.
  • Corrected the following issues with the Emote window:
    • Jumping after using an emote from the window no longer repeats the emote.
    • The Cartel Market window no longer pops back after the character jumps if the player previously selected a Locked Emote.
  • The Customize Appearance tab no longer overlaps with the Character sheet.
  • Updated copy for the Customize Appearance options panel in German to avoid text-overflow.
  • Offhands are now correctly displayed when inspecting a character.
  • There is no longer an invisible Amplifier List Window preventing players from interacting with the game world while an Outfit Designer tab is active.
  • Double-clicking on Nautolan to select the species when creating a Sith Marauder now works correctly.
  • The Alignment indicator no longer goes beyond the limit at certain values.
  • The Companions & Contacts window’s hitbox has been adjusted to fit the window edges.
  • The Legacy shortcut in the top menu is now always available even if a Legacy is not unlocked yet.
  • Free-to-play and Preferred Status players no longer have higher credit costs at some vendors.
  • Free-to-play restrictions are now correctly displayed when Free-to-play players try to use the Who window.
  • Corrected environment issues in the following areas:
    • The southern part of the Jedi Library Ruins on Ossus.
    • Near the elevator to Oasis City in the Scum and Villainy Operation.
    • In the central part of the Star Chamber.
    • In the north side of “The Works” area in Divided We Fall Uprising.
    • Above the Ancient Sith Crypt on Onderon.
  • There is no longer a hole in the ground on the central side of the Axial Park, next to “Coronet Zoo” on Corellia.
  • Added a force field in The Tenebrous Hangar Deck to prevent players from falling under the map.
  • Fixed graphics issues on the sign at the entrance to Okara Droid Factory on Balmorra.

Cartel Market

  • The MTX Pack Explorer’s tabs now display correctly in German.
  • Fixed the following visual issues on the Cybernetic Pauldron’s Chestguard:
    • The shoulder pads no longer stretch when the character’s head on all body types turns to the side.
    • The skirt on the back of the chestguard now lies more smoothly on female characters.
  • To alleviate clipping issues, facial hair is now hidden on all male body types on every race that has a beard feature when wearing the following helmets:
    • The Cybernetic Pauldron’s Headgear.
    • The Force Pilgrim’s Mask (excluding mustaches).
  • The tooltip of the Patient Defender’s Armor Set in the Collections and Storefront now correctly mentions that it has two types of chest pieces.
  • Corrected the following issues on the Patient Defender’s Armor Set:
    • The Patient Defender’s Helmet is no longer clipping with the ears of Cathar species on body types 1, 2, and 3.
    • The Patient Defender’s Helmet is no longer clipping with Rattataki’s piercings on all body types.
    • The cape from the Patient Defender’s Chest piece is no longer clipping with the rest of the armor on all body types.
  • Corrected several issues on the Force Pilgrim’s Armor Set:
    • To alleviate clipping issues, the Miraluka’s masks are now hidden when wearing the Force Pilgrim’s Mask on all body types.
    • The Force Pilgrim’s Hood no longer clips with the character’s skin on all body types.

Items + Economy

  • The refund timer of eligible items no longer pauses while the player is offline.
  • Removed the incorrect decoration listing of “Datacron: Dark Vs Light” under Furniture/Arrangements.
  • Changed the “Infamous Mercenary Armor Set” to “Infamous Bounty Hunter Armor Set” in Collections and on the Storefront in order to match the item name.
  • Preferred players can now equip their characters with items over iLevel 270 (Spoils of War Premium and Prototypes items) as intended.
  • The Character Rename item now correctly allows names with special characters or diacritics.

Classes + Combat

Jedi Knight


Sentinel Tacticals


  • The Fanged God Form Tactical no longer mentions rage instead of focus in the tooltip.
Jedi Consular


  • The Inner Strength passive Ability now has an icon.


Gunslinger Tacticals

Dirty Fighting

Dirty Fighting Tacticals

  • The Ultraviolet Blast Tactical has been redesigned and its effect has changed to:
    • Hemorrhaging Blast finishes off all your directly applied bleed effects on the target at once, dealing all their remaining damage. While the target is affected by Hemorrhaging Blast, Wounding Shots converts your lingering bleed effects on the target into the original bleed effects. Hemorrhaging Blast’s cooldown is increased by 6 seconds.
Imperial Agent


Sniper Tacticals


Virulence Tacticals

  • The Ultraviolet Blast Tactical has been redesigned and its effect has changed to:
    • Weakening Blast finishes off all your directly applied poison effects on the target at once, dealing all their remaining damage. While the target is affected by Weakening Blast, Cull converts your lingering poison effects on the target into the original poison effects. Weakening Blast’s cooldown is increased by 6 seconds.


Commando Tacticals

  • The extra damage from the Energized Charges Tactical is now correctly applied to Commandos.


  • The following Flashpoint missions can now be shared in Story Mode:
    • Assault on Tython
    • Battle of Ilum
    • Battle of Rishi
    • Blood Hunt
    • Boarding Party
    • The Esseles
    • The Foundry
    • The False Emperor
    • Korriban Incursion
    • Maelstrom Prison
    • Taral V
  • Activity Finder no longer matches players below level 75 with Flashpoints they can’t access, including:
    • Objective Meridian
    • The Spirit of Vengeance
  • Lost Island and Kaon Under Siege have returned to the Activity Finder in Veteran Mode starting at level 50.

Kaon Under Siege

  • Melarra is no longer below the platform preventing players from interacting with her in the Kaon Under Siege Flashpoint.

Star Fortress

  • The Star Fortress bosses in Veteran Mode are now correctly dropping loot.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the EPHEMERIS encounter to break if reinforcement waves from the elevators are killed too quickly.
  • Star Fortress Heroic Mode is now rewarding credits in addition to Experience and Renown Points.

The Spirit of Vengeance

  • Players defeated by the Ash’ad Sharpshooter trap no longer respawn at the beginning of the Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint, preventing them from progressing in the Flashpoint.
  • Players are no longer stuck in combat with the Ash’ad Sharpshooters after falling through the trap door in the Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint.
  • Bask Sunn is no longer using the Skytrooper death explosion animation in the Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint.
  • Corrected Gorga Brak’s behavior in the Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint – Master Mode:
    • Gorga Brak is now immune to interrupts.
    • Gorga Brak now only gains a stack of Stand and Fight if the player escapes his Immobilize effect while using Full Auto.
  • Heta Kol is now properly spawning a loot chest after being defeated.
  • Troya Ajak is no longer missing the visual effects of the Songbird Volley and Songbird Salvo projectiles in the Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint.
  • Made the following balance adjustments to the Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint Solo-Story and Solo mode:
    • Reduced damage of Gorga Brak and Bask Sunn.
    • Reduced health of strong and elite enemies.
    • Players are now bolstered in these modes.


The Nature of Progress

  • Fixed an issue where a Lit Neutralizer Flare would stop functioning if the player who threw it moved more than 70m away from the initial position in The Nature of Progress Operation.
  • Players can no longer stand on the center platform of the Apex Vanguard room without suffering damage after the first battery is removed in The Nature of Progress Operation, as intended.
  • The Apex Vanguard now becomes angry if players attempt to run from it while ignoring Darkness Overdrive in The Nature of Progress Operation.
  • Corrected the following issues on the Ventilation Station in the Nature of Progress Operation:
    • Early activation of the Ventilation Station within a very specific timing window no longer breaks the Red Venom Cloud mechanic for the remainder of the encounter.
    • Reduced the active duration of the Ventilation Station to 10s to align with the visual duration of the spinning fans.


  • The Healing terminals in Uprisings now have names.

Galactic Starfighter

  • Remote Slicing now requires line of sight and the amount of Engine Drain suffered is reduced by half.

Missions + NPCs

  • World Bosses now reward 25 Tech Fragments and 1 World Boss Equipment Crate to each player at level 75, instead of being shared amongst all players.
  • The mission indicator for the step “Rendezvous with Zenith” of the Jedi Consular’s Mission “Passing the Torch” now points correctly to the next step.
  • Added an indicator to the usable datapad to increase its visibility at the step “Return to Lana Beniko on Vaiken Spacedock” in “Forged Alliances: Part III” Mission.
  • The ship blaster fire is now correctly displayed in the space battle during Echoes of Oblivion.
  • A duplicate Kira Carsen no longer appears at the “Speak with Kira Carsen” step of Echoes of Oblivion.
  • The NPC “Sandor” is no longer flying above the ground on Dromund Kaas.
  • Players without a current target no longer continually auto-target nearby friendly NPCs who are engaged in combat in “Chapter VIII: End Times” of Knights of the Eternal Throne.
  • The text of Space Combat Mission rewards now correctly mentions Renown Points instead of Command Points.


  • PvP brackets have been merged into two brackets instead of three: 1-74 and 75.
  • After several performance adjustments bringing them more on-par with the classic Huttball map, Queshball and Vandin Huttball are now back in the PvP Map Rotation.
  • It is no longer possible to get stuck on the terminals in the Tatooine Canyon Arena Map.
  • Fixed a typo in the description of the Season 3 Mount Achiever Achievement.
  • PvP target dummies from the following locations no longer incorrectly have Expertise applied:
    • Starter planets
    • Capital worlds
    • Fleets
    • Personal ships
  • Characters with lower than iRating 306 gear no longer have higher stats than characters in 306 iRating gear in PvP Modes.
  • Mandalorian Battle Ring Arena has been temporarily removed from the PvP Arena rotation while we investigate reports of players randomly dying throughout the area.


All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally

  • There is now an animation in the daily cinematics for Pit Screamers for the following planets:
    • Onderon
    • Dantooine
    • Tatooine

Nar Shaddaa Nightlife

  • The Nightlife Event decoration “Floor Trap – Fire” is now correctly lined-up with the Stronghold hooks.


  • Guild Commendations are now rewarded for completed Planetary Invasions during the next conquest event.
  • Infinitely repeatable Conquest objectives in the personal conquest window are now correctly updated to match the Achievements tracker.

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