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SWTOR Rishi Dailies Guide

Here is my SWTOR Rishi Dailies Guide. This guide contains an overview of all the Dailies, where they are located on Rishi and tips on how to complete them.

Rishi Dailies Guide Introduction

Some of you a probably thinking, there are dailies on Rishi? The rest of you probably haven’t done them since 3.0–You know, back when we used to have to gear our companions. Well, now they’ve finally added a mission terminal to Rishi in Game Update 6.3 which includes a weekly mission! Plus, Rishi has been added to the Solo Activity Finder List.

Along with the new Galactic Seasons, we finally have a reason to go back to Rishi and do dailies!

Rishi Dailies Guide Weekly Mission Terminal Location
The Weekly Terminal is located next to the Raider’s Cove Quick Travel Point.

There are a total of 5 Dailies plus a Weekly that are identical for both factions.

  • [WEEKLY] Daily Area: Rishi
  • [DAILY] Howling Tempest Retribution
  • [DAILY] A Trail of Light
  • [DAILY] A Crew of Your Own
  • [DAILY] The Great Beast Hunt
  • [DAILY] Water’s Bounty

You should be able to complete these dailies in roughly ~10-15 minutes at the most.

[WEEKLY] Daily Area: Rishi

Complete the following dailies.

  • [DAILY] Howling Tempest Retribution
  • [DAILY] A Trail of Light (Blaster’s Path Cantina)
  • [DAILY] A Crew of Your Own (Blaster’s Path Cantina)
  • [DAILY] The Great Beast Hunt
  • [DAILY] Water’s Bounty

[DAILY] Howling Tempest/Red Hull Retribution

  • Area – Raider’s Cove Slums
  • Closest Quick Travel Point/Taxi – Raider’s Cove

Confront (named pirate gang) in Raider’s Cove: 0/3

Each time you do the daily, you will likely have a different pirate gang to confront. Potential pirate gangs you could confront include:

  • Tonvarr Pirates
  • White Maw
  • Death’s Claw
  • Carida Corsair

You can find all the pirate gangs throughout Raiders Cove particularly in the Rishi Slums and around and in the Blaster’s Path Cantina. You’re looking for neutral (yellow nametag) pirates. Once you find the right pirate (or pirates), stand close to them or select one of them and click on the ‘Howling Tempest Holoflag’.

Defeat the holoflagged pirate to progress the mission. Once you have defeated three of the named pirates, the mission will auto-complete.

[DAILY] A Trail of Light

  • Area – Horizon Island
  • Closest Quick Travel Point/Taxi – Nova Blade Trade Depot/Skyline Falls Camp

Datastream Scanning Locations Map

Scan the First Datastream

Once you’re in the area indicated on the map, click on the macrobinoculars to find the data stream. Once you find the data stream, you will have to stand at the end of the data stream. When you are standing in the right spot, you will get an alert ‘Datastream Detected’ which means you can now scan the datastream. Click on the macrobinoculars again to scan the datastream at its source.

Datastream Detected
Scanning Datastream source

Once you have scanned the first datastream, you will recieve coodinates to the next datastream location. The location will appear on your map.

Scan the next Datastream

Datastream Detected
Scanning Datastream source

Scan the Final Datastream

Datastream Detected
Scanning Datastream source

Recover the Treasure

After you have scanned all three datastreams, you will then be able to recover the treasure using a Recovery Probe. Once you reach the area indicated on the map, you will get an alert pop up on your screen ‘Your Recovery Probe Detects Something in the Area’.

Use the probe around ‘freshly dug ground’. To use the probe, click on the probe icon in the mission log, place the reticule over Freshly Dug Ground, then click to use the probe.

Rishi Dailies Guide A Trail of Light
Using the Recovery Probe on Freshly Dug Ground

Once you find the treasure, quick travel back to the Blaster’s Path Cantina, go outside and talk to Remilok to complete the daily.

[DAILY] A Crew of Your Own

  • Area – Blaster’s Path Cantina
  • Closest Quick Travel Point/Taxi – Blaster’s Path Cantina

Talk to Harlow Ricks in Blaster’s Path Cantina. He’s located on the Galley level.

Pick the light or dark side option.

Wait 5 minutes for the crew to finish maraudering or aiding people.

This daily has a bunch of achievements associated with it. They can be found in your achievements under Location -> Rishi -> A Pirate’s Life.

[DAILY] The Great Beast Hunt

  • Area – Sky Ridge Island
  • Closest Quick Travel Point/Taxi – Rishii Village

To access this daily, you will need to have first completed two one off-missions for Arankau. They can be found in the Rishii Village follow the path west from the taxi/quick travel point and you should see them on your right in front of a Rishi Idol.

Travel to the beast’s cave and defeat She Who Greedily Devours.

She Who Greedily Devours is located in a cave north west of Rishii Village.

She Who Greedily Devours is pretty straight forward to defeat. The only annoying thing she does sometimes is a throw/knockback. If your DPS is really slow, you may get adds but this is highly unlikely.

She Who Greedily Devours

[DAILY] Water’s Bounty

  • Area – Sky Ridge Island
  • Closest Quick Travel Point/Taxi – Rishii Village

Recover Grophet Meat 0/3

Kill Jungle Grophets and loot them to get Grophet Meat. It is not always a guarenteed drop.

Jungle Grophet Loot

Recover Skarla Teeth 0/1

Winch Location.

Click on the winch to summon the Skarkla River Champion. Defeat the Skarkla River Champion and loot it to get the Skarkla Teeth.

Click on Winch to summon the Skarkla River Champion.
Skarkla River Champion Loot.

Thank you for reading my guide! If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to comment below!

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