Monarch’s Bluffs Makeover and Changes – Brimstone Sands Update

New World BrimstoneSands pdate - Monarch's Bluffs Changes

Monarch’s Bluffs has had a makeover and undergone several changes as part of an upcoming update to New World, Brimstone Sands. The most striking of these are the visual changes to the Settlement itself. The main and side questlines have also been altered and several location changes have been made.

The Brimstone Sands Update features a massive brand new zone (Brimstone Sands), a new weapon (Greatsword), significant changes to the starting level experience and some territories plus loads of quality of life features.

What follows are comparison screenshots of the Monarch’s Bluffs Settlement and a brief overview of some of the other changes within the territory. Please note the info in this article comes from playing on the PTR (Public Test Realm) and is subject to change. Everything seen and noted will be released with the Brimstone Sands Update in October.


Before and After Comparisons

Here are some comparisons of different parts of Monarch’s Bluffs Settlement. The left screenshot is from live servers (Launch) and the right screenshot is from the PTR (Brimstone Sands).

Settlement View

A view of Monarch’s Bluffs from a hill east of the settlement looking west.

Settlement View

Monarch’s Bluffs South Entrance

The south entrance also features a drawbridge.

South Entrance

Monarch’s Bluffs West Entrance

The rope fencing leading up to the Settlement was removed near all entrances.

West Entrance

Monarch’s Bluffs East Entrance

There are no longer Lost in Crone’s Rest they have been replaced by Wolves.

East Entrance

Fast Travel Point

The new outer walls are thicker and taller obstructing the views.


Town Square Houses

Most of the houses in Monarch’s Bluff are incomplete ie. missing stairs or floors on this stage of the PTR. And yes, those are glass windows!



Yes, you can now go inside the tower!


Town Square

The Trading Post still looks the same.

Town Square


The architecture of all the houses and Inn has been changed to be medieval looking.


What else has changed in Monarch’s Bluffs?

There have been several quests and location changes made in Monarch’s Bluffs.

Quick Facts

  • The Territory is now level 1 -17 (instead of 1-25).
  • There is a brand new unique medieval-themed main story for the zone.
  • Monarch’s Bluffs Settlement now has a name – Prydwen.
  • Deadman’s Cove is no longer an elite mob area. The mobs have been scaled down and you go there as part of the main zone story.
  • Mob variety and types have changed a little bit.
  • There is an additional smaller settlement (Preddieu Farms) where you pick up side quests. You will be led there as you do the main zone story.
    • Other side quests can be picked up near Quick Travel Points as you progress through the main story.
  • There are two new Fast Travel Points (Shrines).
    • Brysedd Overlook Shrine (North near Traitor’s Hold)
    • Preddieu Shrine (Centre)

Location Changes

There have been several location changes in Monarch’s Bluffs. Some locations were removed or renamed and brand new locations have been added.

  • New Locations
    • Fatentur
    • Brysedd Shore
    • Pendragon Landing
    • Teyrnon Keep
    • Corbenic Castle
  • Removed Locations
    • Reedgill Fishery
    • The Grey Mist
    • The Dagger
    • Tres Campos
    • Lodestone Lair
    • Highbloom Hovel
  • Renamed Locations
    • Mines de Miclot -> Cynefin Mine
    • Devil’s Pit -> Hiraeth Lookout
    • Adamant Mine -> Hiraeth Peak
    • Achernar -> Khalladan
    • Lakeside Farm -> Preddieu Farms

Map Comparison

Here is a screenshot comparison between the Monarch’s Bluffs launch map and what it will look like in the Brimstone Sands update.

New World Monarch's Bluff's Launch Map
Launch Monarch’s Bluffs Map
New World Monarch's Bluff's Map Brimstone Sands Update
Brimstone Sands Update Monarch’s Bluffs Map

Additional Monarch’s Bluffs Screenshots

Here are some more screenshots of the Monarch’s Bluffs Settlement from the Brimstone Sands Update PTR.

New World Monarch's Bluffs Brimstone Sands Update Tower and Townhall
Tower and Townhall
New World - Brimstone Sands Update - Monarch's Bluffs Crafting Area
Crafting Area
New World Monarch's Bluffs Brimstone Sands Update Tower Interior
Tower Interior
New World - Brimstone Sands Update - Monarch's Bluffs Inn and Kitchen Area
Inn and Kitchen

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