Elder Scrolls Online House Previews

Grand Psijic Villa House Preview

Here is my preview of the Grand Psijic Villa. A new home available October 10th to everyone who owns Summerset and logs into Elder Scrolls Online by October 7th for FREE! This was part of the Summerfall Community Event. Basics Location – Artaeum Style – Old and New Altmer House Type – Notable Home Cost – Unfurnished: FREE! Loadscreen […]

Delves and Public Dungeons Summerset

Traitor’s Vault Delve Guide

A basic Guide to the ‘Traitor’s Vault’ Delve in Artaeum. Map Quest Quest Name – ‘Half-Formed Understandings‘ Quest Giver – Ulliceta gra-Kogg Quest Giver Location – Just outside Delve Entrance Boss – The First Flesh Colossus Skyshard It’s located on the upper floor of the Delve which is accessible via the far right room. See map.


Psijic Order Skill Line Quest and Time Breach Location Guide

Here is my Psijic Order Questline and Time Breach Location Guide. This guide covers everything you need to level the Psijic Skill Line.

Elder Scrolls Online Summerset

Tips for preparing for the Psijic Order Quest Line and Skill Line

The Psijic Order Questline (and also the main way to level the Psijic Skill Line) takes you all over Tamriel. It is quite a long grind but you can do it at your own pace (whether in 3 hours or over several days). Those who have fully explored Tamriel will have a much easier time completing […]