Game Update 5.10 will be a ‘PvP Focused’ Update plus New Stronghold Location Revealed

In Vulkk’s excellent interview with Eric Musco and Charles Boyd, we learned some new tidbits about future content. Eric and Charles were both unexpectantly forthcoming hinting at what they had planned beyond 5.9.


Charles revealed that next major Game Update after 5.9, which will probably be 5.10, will heavily feature PvP. They’re targeting July for the release of this update but it could come later.

At this stage, they said there probably won’t be a new Warzone. But there will be a brand new Arena set in Shae Vizla’s Mandalorian Compound, a ‘beast fighting pit with a lot of Mando decorations and primal stuff‘. I’m imagining it will have a lot of elements seen in the Blood Hunt Flashpoint.

A big part of the update will be week-to-week PvP Events which would temporarily modify existing Warzones in ‘interesting ways’.

As a ‘joking’ example Musco said that the Events could be stuff like the return of 8 v 8 Ranked (this is on the least likely end of the spectrum), something like ‘what if everyone in Huttball had more (much higher) hitpoints’, Rakghouls in Warzones during the Rakghoul Event etc.

It sounds like they’re still tossing around a lot of ideas and haven’t actually quite finalised these Events yet. So I guess we’ll have to wait and see what they come up with and if there will be rewards involved etc.

A New Stronghold

They also revealed that they are working on a new Stronghold set on Rishi! It’s possible it could be part of Game Update 5.10. Charles added that they have some special Stronghold enhancements that they want to do that they are currently testing but might not make it with the Rishi Stronghold. But either way, he did add that it was a ‘very cool’ Stronghold.

As an aside for those interested in Companion Returns, they said that Dark Side Jaesa is coming fairly soon (sounds like a maybe for 5.10) and work is currently being done on Kira and Lord Scrouge’s Return.

Are you excited about the new Rishi Stronghold? What are some of your ideas for ‘in Warzone’ PvP Events? Let me know in the Comments or on Twitter!

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