King’s Haven Pass Delve Guide

A basic Guide to the ‘King’s Haven Pass’ Delve in Summerset.

This Delve is a little different to your typical Delve. It has two different entrances. There’s an ‘exterior’ section and a cave section. There are three different entrances into the Cave. See the maps below for details.

King’s Haven Pass Map
Coral-Splitter Caves Map

Numbers denote Cave entrances. Entrances 1 and 2 are located on the same level. Cave Entrance 3 is located in the cliffs above the pass.

  • Quest Name – ‘Savage Truths’
  • Quest Giver – Naliara
  • Quest Giver Location – Just inside the western Delve entrance to the right
Boss – Avuuma the Whirlwind


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