The Season of the Dragon – Elder Scrolls Online’s Big Content Announcement Coming Soon!

It all started when Twitch Streamer Classy Katie posted this on Twitter.


I have followed your progress with interest and deemed you worthy of rendering assistance. Knowledge has come into my possession that will help me end the misguided Three Banners War and restore peace to Tamriel. You shall accompany me. Be ready to answer my summons. And answer it quickly… I hate to be kept waiting.

High Chancellor,

Abnur Tharn

Then Twitter went crazy with speculation and excitement. The hype grew.

Then due to data mining, ESO was forced to announce their Announcement Stream Event early.

Tune in to on Tuesday 15th January 5 pm EST (other time zones listed below) for the big announcement event!

Other time zones:

  • Tuesday 15th January 2 pm PST
  • Tuesday 15th January 10 pm UTC
  • Tuesday 15th January 11 pm CET
  • Wednesday 16th January 9 am AEDT

Creative Director Rich Lambert will be announcing what is coming to ESO in 2019 live to the world from the Twitch studio in San Francisco.

Besides Twitch Drops for PC/Mac viewers, there will also be other goodies given away when certain viewership milestones are reached.

  • 55k concurrent viewers – A unique Wallpaper based on the next Chapter’s concept art
  • 70k concurrent viewers – A Hot Pepper Bantam Guar pet for all ESO players across all platforms
  • 90k concurrent viewers – Rich will commit to getting an ESO tattoo somewhere (SFW) on his body!

There will also be a pre-show and after-, more details will be announced soon!

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