PvPers needn’t read this guide. You already know what to do!

The Midyear Mayhem Event has returned! Read on for some quick tips and basics.

Last Updated – January 2020

Are you terrified of PvP or do you really, really dislike it but want to get tickets? Well, I’m here to help!

First off, if you want to get the XP boost and an easy Boon Box, all you have to do is:

  1. Navigate to the in-game Crown Store and acquire and activate the “Details on the Midyear Mayhem” ticket.
  2. Travel to your faction’s main gate in Cyrodiil from the Alliance War menu.
  3. Locate the NPC called ‘Predicant Maera’ and acquire the quest titled ‘Midyear Mayhem’
    • Note if you already completed the quest last year, you won’t need to do it again.
  4. Complete the quest to receive your Scroll of Pelinal’s Ferocity and a Pelinal’s Midyear Boon Box.
  5. Use the scroll to activate a two-hour, 100% buff in the Alliance War, Imperial City, and Battlegrounds to:
    • Alliance Points gained
    • XP gains for PvP player kills

What’s the easiest way to earn your ticket?

So you just want to earn your ticket each day and be done with it? Well, there are a few different quests you can do to earn your ticket.

  • Battleground quests from Battlemaster Rivyn
  • Scouting, Bounty, Battle, Warfront, and Conquest Missions
  • Elder Scroll capture and recapture quests
  • Town quests in Vlastarus, Bruma, Cropsford, Cheydinhal, and Chorrol

The quickest and easiest quests to complete are Town Quests and the Scouting Missions in Cyrodiil. Doing these quests also gives you the least chance of coming across, or being involved in, PvP engagements.

Note you will have to do the Introductory PvP Quest to gain access to the Mission Boards. Town Dailies should be accessible regardless of if you’ve done the quest or not.

Scouting Missions

You can pick up the scouting mission from the Scouting Mission Board at your Factions Gate.

  • Ebonheart Pact – Northern Morrowind Gate
  • Aldmeri Dominion – Eastern Elsweyr Gate
  • Daggerfall Covenant – Southern High Rock Gate

Once you pick up the Mission, use the Transitus Shrine to travel to the closest Keep to the scouting location. From there, you can travel by Mount to the location.

Once you get in proximity to the scouting location, the quest will update and prompt you to ‘use scout report’.

Note: You can do this quest in stealth!

Once the quest is completed, you can either death port (deliberately get yourself killed) or travel away from the location a bit and used a Keep Recall Stone to port back to your faction Gate to hand in the Mission.

Town Quests

There are five different Towns you can go to and complete daily quests at:

  • Vlastarus (usually Dominion controlled)
  • Bruma (usually Covenant controlled)
  • Cropsford (usually Pact controlled)
  • Cheydinhal (Pact Territory near Farragut Keep)
  • Chorrol (Covenant Territory near Fort Rayles)

As of Update 20, you can now travel directly to Vlastarus, Bruma and Cropsford via the Transitus Network.

If you are an EP or DC player, you’re better off going to Cheydinhal or Chorrol to do a daily quest as they are in your territory, out of the way (aka very rare for PvP battles to happen at these locations) and harder for enemy players to get to.

There are two different daily quest givers in each town. Each quest giver has five quests. There are a total of 10 quests you can do in each town per day.

Remember, you will only need to do ONE daily to get the ticket. They are assigned randomly so you never know which quest you’re going to get. They are either completed in the town or the surrounding area.

If your factions Town (Vlastarus, Bruma and Cropsford) is under enemy control, you can still go in and grab the daily quests! Just be extra wary of guards and other players! Using stealth potions in this situation can make life a lot easier!

Alternatively, go with friends and get it back for your faction quickly and do one daily quest to minimise the chance of PvP encounters.


Choosing a Campaign

Pick a low population campaign! This will decrease the likelihood of coming across enemy players and reduce lag.

Most importantly, do not go into Kaalgrontiid or any other CP (Champion Points enabled) campaign. They have the highest populations and really long queues. You will get slaughtered especially if you’re in PvE gear. So avoid those campaigns at all costs!

Go with Friends!

If you’re still nervous about going to Cyrodiil on your own, find some friends or ask guildies to go with you. Chances are you’ll find someone who is also looking to do a quest!

Stealth Potions

Have these handy, especially if you’re out on your own, so you can disappear if you see an enemy player (be sure to also go into crouch stealth mode too). Don’t use any abilities or it will cancel the potion effects.

As long as you’re not in combat you should be able to stay in stealth (stay hidden) once the potion wears off. Note guards can see through stealth potions so be super quick or careful (especially around an enemy-controlled Vlasturas and Cropsford).

The Roguish Stealth Draught Potions you get from the Dark Brotherhood Daily Rewards or Thieves Troves will work perfectly! Alternatively, you can craft your own.

Potion Name Potion Effects Ingredients
Essence of Immovability Vanish
Restore Health
Become immune to knockback & disabling effects
Blue Entoloma
Namira’s Rot
Essence of Invisibility Vanish
Increase Movement Speed
Blessed Thistle
Blue Entoloma
Namira’s Rot

PvP may seem daunting, but really it is a lot of fun especially with friends! Hopefully, my tips will help make things a little easier for you. That way, you can get in and get your ticket quickly with minimal issues!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask!

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