Dantooine Dailies and Peacetime Guide

So you thought you were done with Dantooine now that the Pirate Incursion Event is over?

I don’t think so.

There is more to Dantooine than just the Event. The planet also exists in a peacetime state. Not only are there more foods to find for the Culinary Achievement but also a couple of Dailies and a discoverable one-off Mission.



[Daily] Infinite History

Find Rakatan Artifacts (5)

Click on the rubble piles to find Rakatan Artifacts. They can be found pretty much anywhere in the northern part of the map.

[Daily] New Tricks

Retrieve Experimental Stim

Use Stim on Docile Kath Hounds

Click on a Docile Kath Hound (or Pup) and use the ‘Kath Growth Stim’ on them. You have to get fairly close to them to be able to use the Stim on them.

Free Kath Hounds from Republic Traps

Click on the lit-up panel to free the Kath Hounds in the Traps. They are found in the central part of the map near the Republic comms centre and south around the farms.


Getting Their Shots

Pet Puppies (Bonus)

After using Serum on an Enraged Kath Hound, you get a pop-up ability that allows you to ‘pet’ the Kath Hound you just gave the Serum to.

Use Serum on Enraged Kath Hounds (10)

Find Enraged Kath Hounds (you’ll have better luck in the northern parts of the map) and click on them to use the Serum on them. You have to get pretty close to them to do it. They will aggro and start attacking you but just use the Serum anyway.

Destroy Stockpiles (5)

Experimental Serum Containers can be found in the northern area of the map near the Imperial Base. Click on them to destroy them.

Reclaiming Our Past

Find Jedi Artifacts (5)

Dig in the dirt and find Jedi Artifacts. Dirt piles can be found anywhere in the southern part of the map.

While You’re Out There

There is a one-off mission to be found on a Terminal inside one of the dwellings in the centre of the map.

Once you click on it, you have to find five items scattered around Dantooine. You can read more about it in my separate While You’re Out There Mission Guide. Be warned spawn times are just as tedious as the food for the Culinary Achievement.


The following Achievements are obtainable while Dantooine is in it’s peacetime state.

  • Dantooine Culinarian
  • Dantooine Cipher
  • Dantooine Scholar (all Codex entries can be found except the Event one)
  • Lingering Shadows (with macrobinoculars)
  • Well That Was Unexpected

You can read more about them in my Dantooine Achievements Guide.

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