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SDCC SWTOR Community Cantina 2019 Highlights and Info

The Old Republic Developers have held another Community Cantina this time near San Diego Comic-Con.

Unlike the Cantina at Star Wars Celebration, there was barely any new info revealed. However, they showed us our first look at the planets Onderon and Mek Sha and the new Flashpoint on Corellia. They also showed some images and art from the new Operation on Dxun. They even teased the soundtrack for the Expansion.

The only new info we got was a new character reveal. Tau’s Padawan, Arn, a Republic aligned character debuting in Onslaught.

You can watch the Cantina Presentation courtesy of Alise (The Council Podcast).

Here are a bunch of the new images and art the Devs shared at the Cantina.

Onslaught Art

(Click on any image to enlarge).

Onderon (Planet)

Dxun Operation

Courtesy of Swtorista

Mek Sha (Planet)

Corellia (Flashpoint)

Arn (Tau’s Padawan)

Courtesy of Swtorista

For more images and some video clips from the Cantina, check out Swtorista’s Cantina Album.

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