SWTOR Ranked PvP Season 14 Overview

Here is my SWTOR Ranked PvP Season 14 Overview covering everything we know about Season 14 so far.

Our main source of information, so far, on Season 14 comes from the developer article ‘Ranked PvP Season 14 starts this week!‘ published around when Game Update 6.3 launched in late April 2021.

I will keep this overview updated as Bioware announces further details about the season.

New Season 14 Rewards

This season, the new reward will be a brand new weapon set. Here is the concept art for the weapon set. We can expect screenshots of the weapons in action later on in the season.

Tier Rewards

Beginning with Season 14, the developers will now be announcing the rewards for each season at the start of the season. Here is a breakdown of the rewards you can get per tier. The ratings and win requirements for each tier will be announced later on in the season.

Bronze Tier
  • Bronze Season 14 Flair
  • Bronze Season 14 Battle Flag
  • Bronze Season 14 Decoration
  • Bronze Season 14 Title – [PlayerName] the Resourceful
  • 37,500 Ranked Tokens
Silver Tier
  • Silver Season 14 Flair
  • Silver Season 14 Battle Flag
  • Silver Season 14 Decoration
  • Silver Season 14 Title – [PlayerName] the Determined
  • Bronze Season 14 Title – [PlayerName] the Resourceful
  • 75,000 Ranked Tokens
Gold Tier
  • Gold Season 14 Flair
  • Gold Season 14 Battle Flag
  • Gold Season 14 Decoration
  • Gold Season 14 Title – [PlayerName] the Resolute
  • Silver Season 14 Title – [PlayerName] the Determined
  • Bronze Season 14 Title – [PlayerName] the Resourceful
  • 150,000 Ranked Tokens
Platinum Tier  – Top 96 (Top 3 of each Advanced Class on the leaderboard)
  • Platinum Season 14 Flair
  • Platinum Season 14 Title – [PlayerName] the Tenacious [AdvancedClass]
  • Ex: [PlayerName] the Tenacious Marauder
  • 225,000 Ranked Tokens
  • All previous tier rewards (not including token grants)

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