SWTOR PvP Seasons 2 Rewards Preview

SWTOR PvP Seasons 2 Reward Previews

Star Wars The Old Republic’s next Game Update, 7.2.1, is launching on the 28th of March (2023). Here are some previews of the SWTOR PvP Seasons 2 Rewards from the PTS and Developer Articles. Be warned most of them are similar to the Season 1 Rewards.

PvP Seasons 2 – What do we know so far?

PvP Season 2 is called “Piercing the Veil’. The Track itself was not on the PTS to be previewed. But it’s probably going to be similarly structured to Season 1.

PvP Seasons Vendor Tullek

The PvP Seasons Vendor, Tullek, has had his inventory changed with new armour sets, a decoration and flags. The flags look almost identical to the Seasons 1 flags.

Tullek Seasons 2 Vendor Items (from PTS, does not include decoration)
Shadowfiend Armor Set, Shadeveil Assassin’s Armor Set
PvP Season Blue Flag (Season 2) and PvP Season Red Flag (Season 2)
Shadowhand Armor Display Decoration

Reward Track Armour Sets

These two Armour Sets are from the Rewards Track. Like the first Season, both armour sets look nearly identical except for some ‘lighting effects’ added to one of the Armour Sets. In this case, the Shadeveil Armour Set.

Shadowhand Armor Set and Shadeveil Warrior’s Armor Set
Shadowhand Armour Set
Shadeveil Warriors Armour Set

Reward Track Decorations

The trophy decorations are copies of their Season 1 counterparts. The Battler Trophy looks a little different though. Thankfully there is at least one unique decoration, the Ancient Blades Display Stand.

Ancient Blades Display Stand and Trophy: PvP Battler (Season 2)
Trophy: PvP Battler (Season 2) Decoration
PvP Season 2 Trophy (Small)
Ancient Blades Display Stand Decoration
PvP Season 2 Trophy (Large)

Reward Track Title

Here is the character title from the reward track.

Title: The Unseen

What do you think of the PvP Seasons 2 Rewards? Would you like to see more variety?

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  1. The armor set is cool – for specific pieces. Much like the season 1 set. Also like the season 1 set I prefer the “basic” version without all the glowy bits. Presumably they’re going to add new stuff to the vendor as well. Maybe adjust the token costs or the rate of token acquisition.

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