SWTOR’s Game Update 5.8 Delayed

Keith Kanneg, Star Wars The Old Republic’s Game Producer, came onto the forums recently to let players know that Game Update 5.8 will be delayed by a week. It was originally due out 13th of March but will now be released 20th of March.

The reason for the delay, according to Keith is due to the Izax encounter in the Gods of the Machine Operation. It was delayed to ‘help ensure we deliver a quality experience‘. Internal testing results and feedback from the Closed PTS contributed to the decision.

As a result, Game Update 5.9 is also delayed by a week. Keith revealed that it was slated to be released on the 24th of April but will now go live 1st of May (pending no further delays).

Game Update 5.8 features (besides Izax, the final encounter in the Gods of the Machine Operation)

Game Update 5.9 is currently set to include:

  • A new Flashpoint – set on Nathema and the conclusion to Theron betrayal arc.
  • Companion Returns
  • Class Balance Changes
  • New Rewards for Defeating Izax

You can read more about upcoming content in my Spring 2018 Road Map Overview.

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