Dxun HM Operation Guide – Huntmaster

Written and compiled by Herc and <Process>, Edited by Xam Xam


A Guide to the Huntmaster encounter in The Nature of Progress (Dxun) Operation.

  • Huntmaster – 22,534,662 HP
  • Lurking Beast [Adds] – 724,820 HP
  • Charger – 1,963157 HP (health reduced when he hits the Huntmaster)
  • Shelleigh – 2,568,653 HP

Boss Mechanics


Flare mechanic: A flare is spawned after the boss is pulled. The boss will roam in the middle of the flare and the flare will shrink. Adds cannot enter inside the lighted area.

Penetrating Shot: 5-second channel that reduces the target and everything in its path’s armour to 0.

Powershot Volley: 5-second channel that knocks back the closest to the boss. Do not get hit with the powershot volley more than twice, because you will go flying. The optimal strategy is to have someone with hydraulics stand closest to the boss.

(Use hydraulics)

Firestorm Grenade: Huntmaster targets random member and after 3 seconds throws a grenade of fire on them.

Primal fear: Damage dealt decreased by 70%. Duration tripled against beasts.

Fortress: Huntmaster reflects all damage done to him and knocks you back.

Scatterblast: 5-second channel that hits everyone in the conal.

Boss stacks: how many adds he can kill before he goes Ultimate Hunter and starts one-shotting people.


Pulverise: Boss smashes tank. Tank is then stunned.

Nom: Purple circle placed on the ground. Happens after Pulverize. If you stand in Nom you die and can not be rezzed.

Toxic Cloud: Passively emits a toxic cloud that deals ramping internal damage to enemies in a massive area.

HM Strategy

The idea behind this strategy is to push the boss to 35% before the second charger spawns.

Phase 1

A tank will pull the boss and the boss will jump into the circle of the flare. Raid buff and go ham into the boss. Have your healers DPS here.

The flare will be moving and getting smaller and smaller. Have your raid stack for Powershot Volley and make sure the person targeted with the fire grenade gets out. Stay in the flare circle as adds will spawn and they jump and do a lot of damage to someone who leaves the protection of the flare.

Once the circle gets really small you can have a tank leave the circle and round up all the adds. You can AOE them down quickly or kill them with fire.

Phase 2

The boss will enter his fortress state reflecting all damage. At this time you want to kill the remaining adds and aim the charger at the Huntmaster. The charger usually aggros on a healer. Be 10ish meters behind the boss when you aim because he will chunk you if you get hit by the charge. Once the charger gets stunned immediately nuke it.
After that, keep the remaining adds alive and DPS the boss until he moves to his shelter next to the pond. Oil slick, diversion, Intimidating Roar, and carbonize are all good here for avoiding killing the adds while they do minimal damage.

A huge circle will spawn around him and you will die if you stand in it for more than a second. Lightning sorcerers and snipers can continue to DPS him while he is there. Adds will run to the boss and fight him and do damage to him. Let them live because he will start sniping players if there are no adds up.

Once he finishes his shelter, Phase 1 starts again. Rinse and repeat until the boss hits 35% and starts his regeneration. He will leap back to his shelter and get eaten by the crab Shelleigh. STAY IN THE FLARE CIRCLE. The adds will run away.

Shelleigh Phase

Soon after shelleigh will spawn from the lake and the tank will taunt. Face tank shelleigh and wait to get hit by her cast Pulverize. You will be stunned into the ground and can not do anything. The offtank will taunt off of the main tank during the pulverize cast. Rinse and repeat until the boss is dead. DO NOT STAND IN THE LITTLE PINK CIRCLE. You will be one shot and be unable to be rezzed.


Tanks: Threat is a bit wonky for Huntmaster. Sometimes you need to taunt multiple times for threat. Pop a defensive cooldown when you pick up the boss after the shelter phase. Have stun grenades available to use on the adds. You can have one of your tanks run DPS gear to make sure you can kill him doing only two Phase One’s.

DPS: Take fire quickly out. Stack for Powershot volley. If you have 35-meter range (ie. Snipers and Lightning Sorcerer) then DPS the boss while he’s in his shelter. If you are running out with the fire grenade then make sure you pop a small defensive since the adds will jump to you.

Heals: DPS at the start of the fight. Make sure you aim the charger properly. If people run out to take out the fire grenade they will probably get chunked by adds.



Hi, I’m Herc and am a GM of <Process>. We decided as a guild at the beginning of this tier to write guides for Dxun to help guilds out. <Process> is a guild merger of <Elitist> and <Provectus> and we are located on Satele Shan. We hope these guides help you progress through Dxun. Thanks!

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