New Cartel Market Items – January 2021 PTS

The Star Wars the Old Republic Developers unexpectedly brought up the PTS on the 8th of January with changes to Amplifiers and Uprising changes. Along with these changes came a peak of upcoming Cartel Market Items

I originally posted preview images on Twitter (in a thread) on the 8th. However, Twitter distorted image quality. So here are all the previews undistorted!

There are two mounts, two weapons, an armour set and a helmet. Cartel Coin costs are currently unknown.

Collections on PTS

Since this is the PTS, these items may be subject to change and the previews may not be accurate in some instances.


Yes, both lightsabers look exactly the same on the PTS, currently.



Note that the Patient Defender’s Armor Set preview is inaccurate and uses Exiled Padawan’s Armor pieces as placeholders.

I think it’s a shame we won’t be able to have multiple players or our companions ride with us in the Dar’Manda ‘bus’. Any of these Cartel Market Items interest you?

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