Murkmire and Update 20 PTS Patch Note Highlights

Here are some of the highlights from the Murkmire and Update 20 PTS Patch Notes! You can read the Patch Notes in full here.

Murkmire DLC

New Zone – Murkmire

On the southernmost tip of Tamriel, far beyond the boundaries that separate the known from the uncharted, lies a lush coastal marsh—a region as beautiful as it is bizarre. Only the bravest travellers make the journey to Murkmire, and those that survive are forever changed.

The mud-caked streets and alleyways of Lilmoth overflow with fresh-faced adventurers, intent on earning both fame and fortune in Tamriel’s most perilous wilds. Many who enter the deep murk never return. But those that do recount stories of both beauty and horror–tales of savage beasts, vibrant flora, ancient ruins, and proud Argonian tribes. Mysteries lurk in every dank corner of Murkmire. Do you have the strength and cunning to uncover them all?

  • To visit Murkmire, navigate to the DLC tab of the Collections menu and accept the “Sunken Treasure” quest from the Murkmire DLC section. This will unlock the Lilmoth Wayshrine and lead you to Murkmire.
  • Additionally, the supplied Character Template will bring you directly to the questline to begin your journey to Murkmire.

Blackrose Prison

When Imperial Potentate Versidue-Shaie wanted a distant dungeon to house the most feared criminal and political prisoners of the Second Empire, he ordered a penal institution built on the coast of Black Marsh; it was named Blackrose Prison after the ancient city a day’s march to the north. Now, you can enter the dreaded Blackrose Prison, and face waves of brutal enemies in an ever-escalating battle for treasure and glory.

  • Blackrose Prison is a 4-player Arena located in Murkmire.
  • The Arena includes a normal and challenging Veteran version.
  • There are all-new, skill augmenting “Blackrose” weapons in the same fashion as Master, Maelstrom and Asylum weapons. The full list can be found below.
  • Unique Achievement awards are available for completing this Arena, including:
    • A unique player skin
    • Several titles
    • Unique housing items
  • The Veteran version of Blackrose Prison will qualify players completing it for the Leaderboards.

New Item Sets

There are 12 new Item Sets available from a variety of sources from Murkmire. This includes 3 Item Sets available as drops throughout Murkmire, 3 Item Sets available at crafting stations in Murkmire, and 6 Item Sets available from Blackrose Prison.

New Cosmetic and Collectible Rewards

We’ve added a host of new collectables and rewards by completing various types of Murkmire content:

  • Dream Amulet of Argon memento: Acquired by completing the “Hero of Murkmire” achievement in the Murkmire DLC game pack.
  • Replica of the Xinchei-Konu: Awarded for bringing all twelve tablets of the Xinchei-Konu to Jekka-Wass Vozei at the Xinchei-Konu Monument northeast of Lilmoth.
  • Verdigris Haj Mota pet: Acquired by travelling to Lilmoth in Murkmire DLC game pack for the first time.
  • Marshmist Palescale skin: Acquired by completing the “God of the Gauntlet” achievement in Blackrose Prison.
  • Dead-Water Motif: Acquired from completing daily quests in Murkmire.
  • Elder Argonian Motif: Acquired by completing daily quests in Murkmire after a certain date.
  • Drakeeh the Unchained: A trophy awarded for completing Blackrose Prison.
  • Drakeeh the Unchained: A bust awarded for completing Veteran Blackrose Prison.
  • Replica of the Xinchei-Konu: Awarded for bringing all twelve tablets of the Xinchei-Konu to Jekka-Wass Vozei at the Xinchei-Konu Monument northeast of Lilmoth.
  • For completing the Blackrose Prison Vanquisher achievement (completing the Blackrose Prison Arena on any difficulty), you can earn the new Apricot Outrage dye.

Scuttlebloom and Trap Plants

Murkmire is a zone truly hungry for adventurers (and they don’t even have to be human)! What are these strange Scuttlebloom and Trap Plants?

  • Certain native plants throughout Murkmire have aggressive behaviour ranging from slashing leaves to poison gas. Sneaking up on these plants will let you disable them and pass them unharmed.
  • Be on the lookout for the elusive (and tiny) Scuttlebloom! Sneaking up on this little guy rewards you with a temporary boost to your run speed, as well as honey, alchemic grease, or very rarely, a docile Scuttlebloom of your very own to place in your home. Be careful though – if they sense your presence, they will duck underground until they sense the danger is gone.

New Furnishing Plans

There are approximately 75 new furnishing plans to discover and craft from Murkmire.

New Achievements

Murkmire introduces over 50 new achievements for you to pursue.

Base Game (Update 20)

Cyrodiil Destructible Bridges & Milegates

Bridges and Milegates in Cyrodiil can now be destroyed and repaired!

  • Each of these structures has three pieces with several stages of destruction for each.
  • New UI icons have been added to the map which details the current state of these structures, much like Keep status icons.
  • These structures are permanently neutral and can be damaged and repaired by all Alliances.
  • New Repair Kits have been added to Siege merchants to specifically repair just Milegates and Bridges.
    • Note that repairing a Bridge or Milegate does not grant Alliance Points.

Rewards for the Worthy Refresh

In this update, we’ve refreshed the Item Sets available from Rewards for the Worthy. They now provide an item from one of six all-new item sets, available solely through Rewards for the Worthy mails. Note the item sets that were previously available here are still available elsewhere in Cyrodiil. These items drop in the style of your Alliance and are scaled to your level.

Character Re-Ordering

You can now rearrange the order your characters are listed on the Character Select screen! To do so, simply drag and drop a character field or use the clickable up and down buttons.

Housing & Editor Improvements

We’ve updated the Housing Editor to include an edit history display, the ability to Undo and Redo edits, and the ability to link furniture together so that they can be moved and adjusted simultaneously.

  • Housing Editor Undo/Redo and History
    • The Housing Editor now includes a robust Undo / Redo function to help homeowners and decorators create the perfect layout! With this new feature, you can now undo (and redo) up to 200 changes from your current edit session.
    • This includes a new history that displays your last several edits so that you always know what to expect when you undo or redo a change.
  • Furnishing Groups
    • Tired of moving your feasting table one mug at a time? You can now group objects together for ease of editing in the Housing Editor! Simply hover over a furnishing in your housing editor, hit the new “Link” button, and link up to 50 child objects to your selected furnishing. The next time you move that object, you will also move everything linked to it.
      • For example, if you select a table and link its nearby chairs to it, then moving the table will also move the chairs. You can still move the chairs independently without affecting the table, so no need to unlink and relink for minor adjustments.
    • You can even link one furnishing group to another — you could make a group for each place setting on your table, and then link those place settings to the table so that they move with the table, but can also be edited individually.
    • When selecting a furnishing in the housing editor, any children linked to it will be tinted for easy identification.  If it has a parent, the parent will also be tinted.
  • Additional Improvements
    • Having your character die in player-owned houses will no longer cause durability of equipped items to decrease.
    • The Collectible Furnishing limit for Notable homes has been increased from 50 to 55, which is accordingly doubled to 110 for ESO Plus subscribers.

ESO Plus Improvements

Coming later this year on November 13, we’ll be making updates to ESO Plus to provide even more value and benefits to members. You can read more about these upcoming benefits in this article. In this PTS update, we’ll be testing out several of these features including exclusive discounts and items to purchase. Note you must have an active ESO Plus membership to aid in this testing, and the items and discounts you see are for testing purposes only; they are not indicative of the final product.

In conjunction with these changes, we have made several updates to the ESO Plus section of the Crown Store to support ESO Plus deals and exclusive offerings:

  • Added a new “ESO Plus” tab to the Crown Store.
  • Added a new “ESO Plus Deals” page that collects all active deals for ESO Plus members in one place.
  • Updated the layout of the ESO Plus membership page.

So you want an Indrik?

In this PTS patch, you’ll begin to see glimpses of a unique collectable you’ll be able to obtain exclusively in-game by participating in upcoming in-game events. We’ll be giving you a chance to test the entire flow in a couple weeks, but in the meantime, here’s a taste of what’s to come:

  • You may see hints of a Nascent Indrik mount – you will be able to earn this mount for free, exclusively in-game!
    • In short, participating in specific in-game events will earn you Event Tickets. You can trade in those Event Tickets at a unique NPC called The Impresario for different types of Indrik feathers.
    • Once you have all 4 Indrik Feathers, you can use them to perform the Indrik summoning ritual.
  • The Nascent Indrik can later be evolved into different “adult” forms. Doing so will require specific Enchanted Berries obtained from The Impresario.
    • Evolving your Nascent Indrik is also something you will be able to achieve by participating in in-game events.

Champion Point Increase

The Champion Point cap has been raised by a total of 30 points (10 in each red/blue/green constellation) for a total of 810 Champion Points. The Champion Point experience curve has been automatically adjusted with this new cap, so that earlier Champion Points require less experience and can be earned faster.

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