Game Update 5.10 Story Progression, Romances and Alliance Alerts

Charles Boyd recently revealed additional details around Alliance Alerts, Romances and Game Update 5.10 Story Progression. He even included specifics about what choices are presumed if you go ahead and start the 5.10 story without having finished Knights of the Eternal Throne, War for Iokath (5.2) or the Traitor Arc.

Hi folks!

During our livestream where we first revealed the details of Update 5.10: Jedi Under Siege, I mentioned that when Players begin the storyline in that update, any Alliance Alerts they hadn’t completed on that character would be auto-completed for them and that we’d give out more details later. Well, it’s later now, so here are some details!

We have actually changed our plans on this pretty significantly, but the short version is: When starting the first new storyline mission in Update 5.10, the light-side Arcann Alliance Alert will be auto-completed if it hasn’t been completed already; no other Alliance Alerts will be auto-completed.  

(He went on to clarify in another post that if you auto-complete the Alliance Alert, it WILL NOT start a romance with him).

Why pick on Arcann? It relates to his romance; since Alliance Alerts aren’t generally required to be finished before moving forward in the main storyline, it would hypothetically be possible to have Arcann’s Alliance Alert sitting on a character for years before completing it and, potentially, choosing to start a romance with him. To prevent this from causing issues with future romances, we need to know that you can no longer begin a romance with Arcann via that mission once a character has begun the storyline in 5.10. (Remember: if you complete his alert before starting the first storyline mission in 5.10, then nothing will change with him or his alert at all.)

For similar reasons, going forward, starting new romances with certain returning class companion characters may preclude resuming a romance with other returning class companion characters. For example, choosing to begin a romance with Nadia in update 5.10 would preclude you from resuming an existing romance with Felix Iresso if you hadn’t already done so via his Alliance Alert. You will always get a warning confirmation on choices like this. 

Outside of Alliance Alerts, beginning the first storyline mission in 5.10 will still auto-complete all other storylines, much like starting KOTFE. As with KOTFE, our general guideline for what choices are set by default is that Republic characters are assumed to make light side choices, and Imperial characters are assumed to make dark side choices. As examples, I’ve highlighted some of the major choices and how they default below, including a few where we have exceptions to the general guideline. Spoilers, of course!

  • The HK-55 bonus chapter is not auto-completed at all.
  • KOTET Chapter 1: Republic characters are assumed to help Senya; Imperial characters are assumed to kill her. Thus, in Chapter 6, it’s assumed that Republic characters recruit light-side Arcann, while Imperial characters are assumed to kill dark-side Arcann.
  • KOTET Chapter 3: Republic characters are assumed to forgive Koth; Imperial characters are assumed to kill him.
  • KOTET Chapter 5: Republic characters and Imperial Agents are assumed to spare SCORPIO; the remaining Imperial classes are assumed to kill her.
  • KOTET Chapter 8: Republic characters and Sith Warriors are assumed to save Vette; the remaining Imperial classes are assumed to save Torian instead.
  • War for Iokath: Republic characters are assumed to ally with the Republic and help Jace Malcolm; Imperial characters are assumed to ally with the Sith Empire and help Empress Acina.
  • Traitor Among the Chiss: Republic characters are assumed to take Zenta as a prisoner; Imperial characters are assumed to kill her.
  • Nathema Conspiracy: all characters are assumed to forgive Theron and keep him in the Alliance.

So you can see there are some complexities and exceptions to the general guideline, but it’s pretty consistent overall. None of this applies to a character who has already completed these storylines, of course, so if you want to see different variables set for your character, I would encourage you to play through the storylines before starting Jedi Under Siege.

If you have any questions about the auto-complete process when starting Jedi Under Siege, don’t hesitate to ask!

Thanks, everyone!

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