5 Last Minute Things you should know about Game Update 5.10

Here’s a quick outline of what you should know so you’re prepared for Game Update 5.10 (if you don’t already). Note some info in this article could change as it’s based on PTS.

The new Tier of Gear is a Grind

Honestly, if you’re not a NIM Raider or a Ranked PvPer, I wouldn’t recommend stressing about getting the new tier of gear. There are two levels of gear being introduced, 252 and 258. Here are the three main methods to get the new tiers of gear.

  • Crafting (258 only)
    • NIM GOTM (258 Schematics and new Mats)
    • Ranked PvP (new Mats + Ossus Reputation Tokens)
  • Masterwork Data Crystals (252 & 258 Gear)
    • Ossus Dailies and Weeklies + other content.
  • Tier 3+ Command Crates (very rare chance of 252 Gear and some new Mats)

Crafting is only a viable means of gearing if you’re a NIM Raider or have tens of millions of credits at your disposal. You can only acquire all the 258 schematics and most of the mats required to craft the gear through NIM GOTM.

Doing the Ossus Dailies/Weeklies is the ‘easiest’ way to get the new tiers of gear. However, acquiring gear through the Ossus Weeklies/Dailies is reputation based. So it will take time and a grind to get the gear.

None of these methods, by any means, are quick. Although, NIM Raiders theoretically should be able to gear the quickest especially if they grind all the other content too.

Note 258 Weapons (Mainhands and Offhands) will not be available in Game Update 5.10. They will be released early next year in conjunction with new group content.

You can read more about the new Gear in my Guides:

Save your Crates, Components and XP Boosts

If you haven’t already been saving your Command Crates, Unassembled Components and XP boosts, then you should start now (better late then never)!

Save or Sell your Mats

Some of the mats that are going to be used to craft 258 Gear are already in the game! So if you’re in no rush to get 258 gear, why not make some credits with those spare mats you have lying around? Here are some mats to sell (or save/buy) for 5.10.

  • Refined Isotope Stabilizers
  • Superior Resource Matrix
  • Charged Matter Transubstantiator
  • Blue and Purple Grade 10 Mats
    • Madilon Ingot
    • Hadrium
    • Signal Disruptor
    • Code Recombinator
    • Ranrt Crystal
    • Syntonium Crystal
    • Synaptic Accelerator
    • Hypodermic Injector

Also, all the Assembly Components, Bonded Attachments and Cell Grafts are used too. So mats associated with crafting those will be useful too.

You can read more about Crafting 258 Gear in my Game Update 5.10 Crafter Gear Guide.


If you don’t care about the Story

Well, you can dive straight into the Ossus story! All previous storylines will be auto-completed and your choices will be assumed based on your alignment and faction.

[O]ur general guideline for what choices are set by default is that Republic characters are assumed to make light side choices, and Imperial characters are assumed to make dark side choices. – Charles Boyd

Here are the major assumed choices for each faction.

  • The HK-55 bonus chapter is not auto-completed at all.
  • KOTET Chapter 1: Republic characters are assumed to help Senya; Imperial characters are assumed to kill her. Thus, in Chapter 6, it’s assumed that Republic characters recruit light-side Arcann, while Imperial characters are assumed to kill dark-side Arcann.
  • KOTET Chapter 3: Republic characters are assumed to forgive Koth; Imperial characters are assumed to kill him.
  • KOTET Chapter 5: Republic characters and Imperial Agents are assumed to spare SCORPIO; the remaining Imperial classes are assumed to kill her.
  • KOTET Chapter 8: Republic characters and Sith Warriors are assumed to save Vette; the remaining Imperial classes are assumed to save Torian instead.
  • War for Iokath: Republic characters are assumed to ally with the Republic and help Jace Malcolm; Imperial characters are assumed to ally with the Sith Empire and help Empress Acina.
  • Traitor Among the Chiss: Republic characters are assumed to take Zenta as a prisoner; Imperial characters are assumed to kill her.
  • Nathema Conspiracy: All characters are assumed to forgive Theron and keep him in the Alliance.

If you care about the Story

Then make sure you’ve completed all the storylines plus the Arcann Alliance Alert prior to commencing the Ossus story. Otherwise, your choices will be predetermined based on your alignment/faction while doing the Ossus story (see above). Here are all the Storylines you should make sure you’ve completed ensuring that your choices matter (haha).

  • Knights of the Fallen Empire 1-16
  • Knights of the Eternal Throne 1-9
  • War for Iokath
  • Crisis of Umbara
  • A Traitor Among the Chiss Flashpoint
  • Nathema Conspiracy Flashpoint

The Arcann Alliance Alert even though it is used to initiate a romance with him should be completed for story purposes (plus you won’t get another opportunity to initiate a romance). If you don’t complete the Alert, then it is assumed you don’t start a romance with him.

You can read more about Story Choices, Alliance Alerts and Romances and how they’ll be impacted by Game Update 5.10 in my Game Update 5.10 Story Progression, Romances and Alliance Alerts Article.

Note! Doing the Ossus Story is required to get access to the Ossus Dailies.

Major Guild Changes

The Guild UI is getting a major overhaul and new systems are being implemented to ultimately increase the benefits of joining a Guild. The new systems being introduced include.

  • Guild Levelling System
  • Guild Perks System
  • Guild Mail and other QoL Improvements
  • Plus a bunch of Conquest Changes to go with all the Guild changes.

You can read more about the Guild Changes in my Guides:

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