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SWTOR – Upcoming Guild Conquest Changes

David Staats, Systems Designer at Bioware Austin, has announced some further changes to Conquest specifically around Guilds that will be implemented in an upcoming update.

There are two key changes.

  • New Character Grace Period
    • New characters invited to the guild will not be able to earn conquest points for the guild straight away but will continue to earn conquest for personal rewards.
  • Character and Guild Separation
    • When a character is removed from a guild, their conquest point contributions are removed as well. If they leave on their own, the contributions to the guild remain.

For details, please read David’s full post from the Official SWTOR Forums below.

Hi everyone,

We wanted to let you all know of some updates we are making to Conquest as it pertains to Guilds and Guild Contributions. This update will specifically touch two main aspects of Guild Conquests – when a new character joins a Guild, and when any characters are removed from a Guild – and how Conquest Points will be handled.

New Character Grace Period

When a new character has accepted an invite into a Guild, that character will begin a Grace Period with the Guild. During this time, that new character can still earn their own Personal Conquest goals and rewards, but their Conquest efforts will not be calculated into the Guild’s Conquest efforts until the next Conquest event. As such, new characters will not immediately appear in a Guild’s Conquest Leaderboards, and will not be eligible for the Guild’s Invasion Reward.

When new characters view the Guild Invasion screen, they will see a message indicating that they are currently unable to contribute towards their new Guild’s Conquest score, and must wait until the next Conquest event. Similarly, when viewing the Guild Roster page new characters who are unable to contribute will be indicated as such, allowing Guild Leadership to get a better picture of who cannot actively contribute.

It is important to note that this Grace Period is per character, and not account. If a player already has a character in a Guild, and is bringing an alternate character into the Guild, the Grace Period only applies to that alternate character, and not all characters from that Legacy. Equally as important to note is that this Grace Period will also apply to all new Guilds being formed.

Joining a Guild is an important aspect of our game, and we want to ensure that both the Guild and new members are given time to assess each other properly, without the pressures of reward systems potentially interfering in that period.

Character and Guild Separation

When a player is removed from a Guild by the Guild, their Conquest contributions will now be removed from that Guild as well. In the event the character leaves a Guild on their own accord, the points they contributed to a Guild’s Conquest will remain with the Guild for that Conquest.

When removing characters, Guild Leadership will now be provided with a notification informing them that removing the member will result in a loss of that member’s Conquest contributions. Again, it is important to note that this is per character, and not account.
We want to ensure that character and Guild separation is done in a healthy and amicable way.

As always, thank you to everyone who has sent in feedback regarding how the current system was being used. We feel these changes will allow players and Guilds to build healthier relationships when experiencing this aspect of SWTOR, and are aiming to have these changes in an update in the near future.

One detail that is not clear, however, is whether the grace period and conquest weekly reset will be mutually exclusive. For example, if you join a guild on Monday will you then be able to contribute to the guilds conquest as soon as conquest resets on Tuesday? Or will there actually be a grace period extend a few days regardless of if there’s a reset? Will this mean a new character will have to wait to until the following Tuesday to contribute points to the guild?

What do you think of these changes? Do you think they will help solve some of the recent Conquest issues and abusive practices by mega guild towards players?

Star Wars The Old Republic

Major Features introduced (or Changed) in The Old Republic Post-Launch

Haven’t played Star Wars The Old Republic since it launched back in 2011? Thinking about coming back after a long hiatus? Here are some of the major features changed or introduced to the game over the years, post-launch.

While most of these are the standard quality of life features you’d expect in any MMO, some are features unique to The Old Republic.

Keep in mind that some of these features and content are more accessible to subscribers than non-subscribers.

Groupfinder/Activity Finder

When it initially launched in Game Update 1.3 (June 2012), The Old Republic’s Group Finder System allowed you to queue for Flashpoints and Operations. It was revamped with a UI overhaul and additional content in Game Update 5.8 (November 2017).

In its current iteration, now called the Activity Finder, you can not only queue for various types of group PvE content (Operations, Flashpoints, Uprisings) but also PvP and even solo content. Combining multiple game types together into one convenient UI has proven to be a major quality of life feature for the player base. Adding solo content such as Daily Areas and Heroics offers quick and convenient travel options to many planets in the game.

Free to Play and Cash Shop

The Old Republic was one of the first MMO’s to introduce a F2P model and an in-game cash shop (known as the Cartel Market).

Little has changed with the F2P system over the years. It has remained quite restrictive compared to other MMO’s that have gone on to adapt the F2P model. However, that is all about to change. The Developers have listened to player feedback and are making some changes to the system in Game Update 5.10.4 (coming Tuesday 16th July).

The Cartel Market has gone through a few changes over the years. But more recently it has trended to adding items direct to sale rather than relying on the chance packs they used to release at regular intervals. There are now more items direct-to-purchase than ever before with more added on a regular basis.

Cartel Market

Player Housing – Strongholds

Player Housing was introduced in August 2014 as the key feature of Game Update 2.9. Four houses were released along with quite a few decorations from a variety of sources. To date, eight different Strongholds have been released with another possibly being released sometime this year.

  • Coruscant Apartment
  • Dromund Kaas Apartment
  • Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace
  • Tatooine Homestead
  • Yavin 4 Temple
  • Manaan Retreat
  • Umbaran Mobile Base
  • Rishi Hideout

There is also the option of Guild Housing with Guilds being able to purchase a Guild Flagship and a Stronghold to use as Guild headquarters.

The only real downside to The Old Republic’s Strongholds is the hook system used to place decorations. Sadly, you can not place decorations freely wherever you like. Instead, you place them on different sized hooks.

Hooks in an Imperial Guild Flagship.

The variety of decorations presently available is truly impressive. The Old Republic Team continues to release new decorations on a regular basis both on the Cartel Market and in-game.

Appearance Customiser and Outfit Designer Systems

Two key systems have been introduced that allow players to change their characters look.

The Appearance Customiser System allows you to change your characters various features such as eye colour, hair colour, scars etc. and even species for a small Cartel Coin fee (per feature). You can even preview the changes as you go without committing to them. This system was introduced as part of Game Update 2.1 in May 2013.

Appearance Customiser UI

The Outfit Designer introduced in Game Update 3.2 (April 2015) allows you to create and save various Outfits for your characters. All you have to do is ‘stamp’ any piece of armour to the appropriate slot to make an outfit (which has a credit cost). You can also stamp preset dyes to just the chestpiece (and unify the colour of the outfit) or to individual slots.

Unfortunately, weapons are not currently included in this system. They are however slated to be added to the system post-Onslaught (exact timing unknown).

Outfit Designer on your Character sheet

Legacy Datacrons

Legacy Datacrons were added to the game in Game Update 5.0 in late 2016. Once you’ve found a Datacron on one character, all of your characters automatically gain that datacron as well. While it is a Legacy System, it does not have any purchase costs associated with it.


Conquest is a system introduced in The Old Republic in Game Update 2.9 (August 2014). It is primarily a fluff system tied to Guilds that offers bonus rewards for completing content (through objectives). There is also a ranking system for Guilds.

Basically, it’s a points system, with specific objectives to complete (which change weekly) that gives rewards once you reach your personal target of 15,000 points. If you’re in a Guild, you can also gain additional rewards if your Guild reaches its collective point yield target.

The system went through a big overhaul in Game Update 5.8 (March 2018) with some great quality of life changes. These included offering Guild rewards regardless of a Guilds ranking (assuming point yield is reached) and adding different Guild yield targets so even small Guilds can get rewards.

As of Game Update 5.10.3 (June 2019), you can now earn points from doing pretty much anything in the game including killing enemies and completing missions. Gaining Conquest points is no longer tied directly to the objectives, you can do any content in the game (and completely ignore the objectives) to reach your weekly conquest goal.


The Old Republic’s Guild system has recently gone through a major overhaul. A bunch of new features were added and existing systems were improved in Game Update 5.10 (December 2018). Here is a list of the main features updated or added over the years.

  • Guild Levelling System
  • Guild Perks
  • Guild Mail
  • Guild Member Management Improvements
  • Member Limit Increase to 1000 (early 5.0?)
  • UI Overhaul
  • Guild Recruitment Tools
  • Guild Heraldry (added 5.10.2)
  • Conquest (further integration)

All of these features were added or updated with the goal of making it more appealing for players to join Guilds and to make managing Guilds easier.

Guild UI Homepage


There have been a few overhauls and changes to PvP in The Old Republic over the years. One of the most notable was the removal of 8 v 8 Ranked PvP in Game Update 2.4 (October 2013). It was replaced with 4 v 4 Ranked which introduced a new type of map, Arenas, which are deathmatch instances to the game. Along with this came the introduction of Ranked PvP Seasons with tiers and rewards based on your highest earned rank. The Game is currently in Season 11.

More recently, two quality of life features were introduced to PvP. Cross-faction queuing and matchmaking in regular warzones. The matchmaking in regular Warzones isn’t as strict as in Ranked Arenas but it does make team match-ups generally more even, role wise.


When The Old Republic launched we had somewhat customisable Skill Trees. These were removed from the game in Game Update 3.0 (December 2014) and replaced with Disciplines. This new system locks you to a specific advanced class discipline (you can still Respec). The only way to customise your class (for now) is through Utilities. You get to pick 8 from a total of 24 utilities divided into tiers.

Mercenary Disciplines


GSF or ‘space PvP’ was introduced to the game in December 2013 as part of Game Update 2.5. There are a couple of maps and game types available and different types of ships you can customise. Before joining the battle though, it’s best to familiarise yourself with the controls by doing the Tutorial (question mark symbol).


With The Old Republic’s next expansion, Onslaught, coming out October 22nd, 2019 (free for all subscribers) now has never been a better time to return to the game!

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Guild Heraldry Guide

Here is my Guide to the new Guild Heraldry System coming in Game Update 5.10.2 which is currently live on the PTS!

How to Access Guild Heraldry

In the General Tab in the Guild UI, click on ‘Edit Guild Profile’ then click on ‘Edit Heraldy’.

Guild Heraldy Interface

Here is how the interface looks. It allows you to play around with changes without committing to them.

Guild Heraldry

There are two key components to Guild Heraldry. The Symbol and the Detail. The Symbol appears in the foreground while the detail is the background.

There are are currently 23 different symbols you can use.

Here is a Gallery of all the different Symbols

Colours I used

There are currently 15 different Details you can use.

Here is a Gallery of all the different Details (backgrounds).

Colours I used

Colour Wheel

You can colour two parts to both the Symbol and the Detail. You can change the colour of each part by using the colour wheel. Just select which component you want to edit the colour of and you’re good to go.

A special thank you Kogass ( for giving me GM of <The Porg Collective> PTS Guild temporarily so I could make this Guide!

Star Wars The Old Republic

Game Update 5.10 Guild UI and other Guild Changes Guide

The Guild User Interface has gotten quite a facelift to accommodate all the Guild Improvements coming to The Old Republic in Game Update 5.10. Here is a Guide to the new UI and other new features being added in Game Update 5.10. (Click on any image to enlarge it).


  • The Guild Bank UI hasn’t changed.



There are four tabs in the Guild UI:

  • General
  • Roster
  • Perks
  • Ranks (Guildmaster)

The bottom right corner shows how many Guild Reinforcement Modules and Credits your Guild has.


The General Tab gives you an overview of information about the Guild.

The Guild Level is displayed in the top left along with the Guild Name, XP Bonuses and Recruiting Tools. (You can read more about Guild Levelling in my Guild Levelling System Guide). You can also see which perks are active as well as the invaded planet and invasion progress. Below is the Guild Description and Message of the Day. On the right side, is a Guild Log as well as Conquest and PvP Challenge Leaderboards.

Guild Info

Displays the following information:

  • Guild Leader
  • Guild Funds
  • Reputation Bonus
  • XP Bonus
  • CXP Bonus

Recruitment Tools

There are three buttons:

  • Edit Guild Profile – Allows you to edit MotD, Description, Recruitment and Guild Tags
  • Add a hyperlink for your Guild Inspect in Chat
  • Inspect Guild Profile

You can set tags that show up in your public Guild Profile. Here are the options:

  • Social Grouping
    • All
    • Casual Friendly
    • Chill
    • Roleplay
    • Dedicated
  • Skill Level
    • All
    • Training Grounds
    • Medium Skill
    • High Skill
    • Competitive SKill
  • Player Types
    • All
    • Beginner Friendly
    • Family Friendly
    • Diversity Friendly
    • Adult
  • Guild Atmosphere
    • All
    • Fun/Humor
    • Active Mentors
    • Serious Players
    • Leaderboard or Bust

Guild Profile is displayed via Guild Inspection or hyperlinking to chat. See below for info about the Guild Inspect Tool.

Ship Info

Displays the following information:

  • Flagship
  • Flagship Location
  • Invasion Target
  • Current Conquest Points
  • Perks


The Guild Description is where you can post relevant info about your Guild. It is visible only to members. The character limit 256.

Message of the Day

Same as before and is visible only to members of the Guild. The character limit has also been increased to 256.

Guild Log

The Guild Log shows member Management, Guild News and Conquest information. It can be sorted in ascending or descending order by Date, Action and Message. There is also a search window. You can also click on the Guild Log Button to open a larger Guild Log Window.

Conquest Leaderboards and Challenge Records

Displays the top 10 Conquest Point earners for the current week and previous week. Also displays PvP Challenge Records from when your Guild has challenged other Guilds. It is sortable in ascending and descending order by Guild Name and the type of match ie. Galactic Starfighter, Warzones and Ranked Warzones.


The Guild Roster allows you to see all the members of your Guild. It can be sorted in ascending or descending order by Name, Legacy, Level, Class, Location, Guild Rank and Member Note. You can also choose if you want to see offline members or not. Note the search window is case sensitive.

You can now also ban people from your Guild. If they’re in your Guild, all you have to do is right click on their name There is also the option to see a list of who is has been banned from the Guild (see above).


The Perks tab allows you to see what Perks are slotted in each Node and purchase new Perks (if you have appropriate permissions). You can find out more about the new Guild Perks System in my Guild Perks Guide.


The Rank tab allows you to easily give permissions for various Guild related things by Rank.  You can add, remove, rename and order ranks as you see fit. You can also indicate whether a Rank requires a Security Key or not. The max number of Ranks has been increased to 20.

  • Guild Chat Permissions
    • View
    • Send
  • Officer Chat Permissions
    • View
    • Send
  • Officer Note Permissions
    • View
    • Edit
  • Member Note Permissions
    • View
    • Edit
  • Member Mangement Permissions
    • Invite
    • Set Rank
    • Remove
    • Set Primary
  • Guild Conquest Permissions
    • Invade Planet
  • Guild Perks
    • Edit
  • Guild Mail
    • Send
  • Message of the Day Permissions
    • Edit
  • Guild Description Permissions
    • Edit
  • Guild Inspect/Recruiting
    • Edit

Guild Mail

To send a Mail to your Guild, all you have to do is go to a mailbox and select ‘Compose Guild’. You can then compose a message to send to your entire Guild. Guild Mail is marked by a Flag symbol so players can differentiate between other Mail and Guild Mail.

XP, Reputation and CXP Bonuses

The way bonuses work is being changed in Game Update 5.10 and a CXP Bonus as being added. Rather than being tied to the number of members in a Guild, it’ll be tied to new Guild Levelling System. The new caps will be 15% XP, 15% Reputation, and 10% CXP.

Guild Level XP, Reputation and CXP Milestones:

  • Level 6 – Guild reaches 10% bonus XP and Reputation.
  • Level 40 – Guild has capped XP and Reputation Gains at 15% bonus.
  • Level 51 – Guild has capped CXP Gains at 10% bonus.

Guild Inspect Tool

You can now inspect a player’s Guild. All you have to do is right click on their name, then Additional Commands, Inspect Guild.

Game Update 5.10

Guild Levelling System Guide

The Old Republic is introducing a Guild Levelling System in Game Update 5.10 that is tied to Conquest. Guild Levels are earned via Conquest Points. The Guild Levelling System provides a number of benefits and Perks for your Guild. You can read more about the Guild Perk system in my Guild Perks Guide.


What is Guild Levelling and How Does it Work?

Similar to a player character, Guilds will now earn Guild Experience. As Guilds hit the next Guild XP target, they will level up. Guilds start at level 1 and can theoretically, level infinitely. Currently, the max Guild Level on the PTS is 101. However, there is currently no benefit to levelling beyond level 65.

Guild XP is earned by players in the Guild earning Conquest points. Players will earn 2 Guild XP for every 1 Conquest points earned. Eg. If a player reaches their Personal Weekly Conquest target of 15,000 Conquest points, they would earn 30,000 Guild XP for their Guild.

Currently, there is a weekly Guild XP cap of 8,000,000 (or 4,000,000 Conquest points worth).

Every time a Guild levels up, a few things happen:

  • They receive a fixed amount of Guild Commendations (these are used to purchase Guild Perks)
  • The amount of XP, CXP, and Reputation earned by the Guild increases. These values start at 5% XP, 5% Rep, and 0% CXP and they steadily increase until they cap at 15% XP, 15% Rep, and 10% CXP.
    • This is a new benefit as players can now reach higher bonuses to XP and Rep than ever before, without relying on Guild size. Plus we have introduced a new bonus to CXP which did not exist previously.
  • At specific Guild Level breakpoints, Guilds will qualify to purchase higher Tiers of Guild Perks.

What Are The Devs Goals?

First and foremost, we wanted to add a whole new set of incentives for players to be a part of a Guild. SWTOR is a social game at its core and so we want to do all that we can to encourage people to play together. However, we also understand that many players like to play with just their small circle of friends in small Guilds, and so the system needed to work for everyone.


Second, one of our goals for Conquests was to work as a system to incentivize players to be rewarded for playing any and all content in SWTOR. By tying Conquests and Guild Leveling together it means that by simply playing the game, you will be earning Guild XP for your Guild. Whether you want that to be a focus of your Guild to level as fast as possible, or to just let it happen, you should be gaining Guild levels as you play.

The Numbers

Here are some of the specific numbers for Guild Leveling. Disclaimers:

  • These numbers are based on Weekly Conquest data, and so we likely won’t see any big changes until they see how everything plays out on live servers. The Devs will be monitoring Conquest every week along with listening to your feedback to look for areas to make changes.
  • The Devs built these targets with two key pieces of information. The current amount of Conquest points that Guilds are earning across all yield sizes and the continued potential for Conquest point gains based on the additional Conquest changes coming in 5.10 and the added Conquest point potential from Perks.

Reminder – 1 Conquest Point = 2 Guild XP

For context on XP vs Leveling, going from level 1 to level 2 requires 1,000,000 Guild XP. Going from 2-3 requires another 1,010,000 -or- 2,010,000 total (for the math lovers out there, this curve is not necessarily incremental). They expect Guilds which are hitting Small Yield Planetary targets will be gaining around 3 or so levels a week. This can vary greatly based on Guild size and activity.

Here are some key Guild levelling milestones:

  • Level 6 – Guild reaches 10% bonus XP and Reputation
  • Level 12 – Guild qualifies for Tier 2 Guild Perks
  • Level 32 – Guild qualifies for Tier 3 Guild Perks
  • Level 40 – Guild has capped XP and Reputation Gains at 15% bonus
  • Level 49 – Guild qualifies for Tier 4 Guild Perks
  • Level 51 – Guild has capped CXP Gains at 10% bonus
  • Level 64 – Guild qualifies for Tier 5 Guild Perks (current highest tier)
  • Level 65+ – Guild will continue to earn Guild Commendations but there is no gameplay benefit beyond level 64. There will be cosmetic rewards that may be introduced in a later patch tied to Heraldry that will take Guild Level into account.
Game Update 5.10

Guild Perks Guide

A major component of the improvements coming to Guilds in Game Update 5.10 are Guild Perks. As this information comes from the PTS, it is subject to change! You can read more about Guild Perks from the Developers Forum Post.


What is a Guild Perk?

A Guild Perk is something that can apply to your Guild to give it a specific benefit. Maybe you want to have increased mount speed when you are out and travelling. Maybe your Guild is Flashpoint focused and so you want some extra rewards from Flashpoints. These are examples of some of the things you can accomplish with Perks.

What are the Devs Goals for Guild Perks?

What we want to be able to do is to give your Guild the power to really focus in on what you enjoy! Perks give a mechanism where players can effectively say “We are a PvP focused Guild” and mean it in new ways. Now, not only are you like-minded players, but you can focus perks, benefits, and additional rewards to your chosen playstyle.


Guild Perks along with Guild Levels provide great incentives for Guilds to remain active. This also provides new ways for Guild Leaders to recruit around specific play-styles along with rewards to encourage participation in Guild activities!

How Guild Perks Work

There are a total of six Nodes you can slot Perks into depending on what rooms you have unlocked in your Guildship. The Bridge has two Nodes. There are a variety of Perks you can choose from to purchase for each Node.

  • Starboard Command Room
  • Port Command Room
  • Forward Command Room
  • Bridge 1
  • Bridge 2
  • Engine Room

Perk Requirements and Cost

Your Guild must have a Guildship to be able to use the Perk System. Perks require your Guild to be a certain level to purchase. There are five different ‘tiers’ of Guild Perks.

  • Level 1
  • Level 12
  • Level 32
  • Level 49
  • Level 64

When your Guild reaches each ‘tier’ you will find new perks to unlock in each Perk Node. Perks generally cost Credits and sometimes Guild Commendations and Reinforcement Modules.

You purchase the perks directly from the Guild Perks window in the Guild Interface. All you have to do is click on a Perk Node to see the different Perks you can purchase for each Node.

Credits must be spent from the Guild Bank. Guild Commendations are earned in a couple of ways:

  • When your Guild Levels up
    • 5-10 per level
  • When/if your Guild reaches an Invasion Yield Target
    • Small Yield – 70 Commendations
    • Medium Yield – 80 Commendations
    • Large Yield – 90 Commendations

Reinforcement Modules is a new blueprint which players acquire by combining 10 Reinforcement Components. Reinforcement Components are a bind-on-pickup crafting material which is acquired in a couple of ways:

  • As a part of completing your Weekly Yield Target.
  • A rare chance to acquire during harvesting if you have the “Harvesting Yield I / II / III” Guild Perk equipped.
  • Can be earned by completing specific Heroic Missions on Ossus if players are in a Guild group with the “Ossus Reinforcement” Perk active.

Once a player has 10 Components, they simply right-click them to combine into a Reinforcement Module which they can then donate to the Guild.

Guild Perks Lists

All the perks currently available for purchase on the PTS listed by Room Node.

Starboard Command Room

Perks Description Guild Level Cost
Warzone Exploiter I Increases XP, CXP and Rep rewards from Warzone by 5%. 1 750,000 Credits, 50 Comms
Warzone Valorous I Increase Valor from Rewards by 5%. 1 750,000 Credits, 50 Comms
Warzone Valorous II Increase Valor Rewards by 7%. 32 1,500,000 Credits, 55 Comms
Flashpoint Biochemist II Increases the duration of Adrenals and Stimpacks in Flashpoints by 20%. 49 2,000,000 Credits, 58 Comms, 1 Module
Flashpoint Exploiter II Increases XP, CXP and Rep rewards from Flashpoints by 7%. 12 1,250,000 Credits, 52 Comms
Flashpoint Looter III Increases Drop Rates while in Flashpoints. 64 2,5000,000 Credits, 60 Comms, 1 Module
Flashpoint Mastery III Increases Mastery when in Flashpoints by 8%. 64 1,500,000, 36 Comms
Flashpoint Mastery I Increases Mastery when in Flashpoints by 4%. 1 900,000 Credits
Flashpoint Fortitude II Increases Endurance when in Flashpoints by 9%. 49 2,000,000 Credits, 58 Comms

Port Command Room

Perks Description Guild Level Cost
Flashpoint Exploiter I Increases XP, CXP and Rep rewards from Flashpoints by 5%. 1 750,000 Credits, 50 Comms
Starfight Commandeering II Increases Requisition gained from Galactic Starfighter by 7% 32 1,500,000 Credits, 55 Comms
Space Pirate II Increases XP, CXP and Rep rewards from GSF by 7%. 12 1,5250,000 Credits, 52 Comms
Flashpoint Looter I Slightly increases drop rates while in Flashpoints. 1 750,000 Credits, 580Comms,
Operations Profiteer Bosses have a chance to drop a Cartel Market item on death. 64 1,5000,000 Credits, 36 Comms, 1 Module
Flashpoint Biochemist Increases the duration of Adrenals and Stimpacks in Flashpoints by  10%. 12 1,250,000 Credits, 52 Comms
Operations Mastery I Increases Mastery when in Operations by 4%. 1 900,000 Credits
Operations Mastery III Increases Mastery when in Operations by 8%. 64 1,500,000 Credits, 36 Comms
Operations Fortitude I Increases Endurance when in Operations by 6%. 1 900,000 Credits
Operations Fortitude II Increases Endurance when in Operations by 6%. 49 2,000,000 Credits, 58 Comms

Forward Command Room 

Perks Description Guild Level Cost
Power Amplification Increases all damage done by 3% for 60 minutes. Does not stack with Class Buff. (Cooldown 6 hours). 32 1,500,000 Credits, 55 Comms
Major Power Amplification Increases all damage done by 5% for 60 minutes. Does not stack with Class Buff. (Cooldown 6 hours). 64 1,500,000 Credits, 36 Comms, 1 Module
Cleanse Cleanses self of up to 2 negative effects. Cannot be used in PvP. 12 750,000 Credits, 31 Comms
Hasten Increases Movement Speed by 10% for 60 minutes. Cannot be used in PvP. 1 750,000 Credits, 50 Comms
Major Critical Boost Increases Critical Hit Chance by 5% for 60 minutes. Does not stack with Class Buff. (Cooldown 6 hours). 49 1,200,000 Credits, 35 Comms
Endurance Supplement Increases all damage done by 3% for 60 minutes. Does not stack with Class Buff. (Cooldown 6 hours). 1 900,000 Credits
Summon Guild Bank Summons your Guild Bank. (Cooldown 1 hour). 1 900,000 Credits
Reputation Surge Increases all reputation gained by 15% for 1 hour. (Cooldown 6 hours). 1 750,000 Credits, 50 Comms
Mastery Realisation Increases Mastery by 3%  and internal and elemental damage reduction by 5% for 60 minutes.  12 1,250,000 Credits, 53 Comms
Professional Training Increases Critical Chance for all Professions by 5% for 1 hour. (Cooldown 6 hours). 1 900,000 Credits

Bridge 1

Perks Description Guild Level Cost
Gathering Efficiency II Increases Efficiency of all gathering skills by 5%. 12 1,250,000 Credits, 52 Comms
Critical Gathering II Increases Critical from all gathering skills by 2%. 49 2,000,000 Credits, 58 Comms
Reputable I Increase Reputation earned from all sources by 5%. 1 900,000 Credits
Critical Missions III Increases Critical for all mission skills by 3%. 64 1,500,000 Credits, 36 Comms, 1 Module
Critical Missions I Increases Critical for all mission skills by 1%. 12 1,250,000 Credits, 52 Comms
Quicker Travel I Decreases the cooldown of Quick Travel by 60 seconds. 1 750,000 Credits, 50 Comms
Efficient Missions III Increases Efficiency of all Mission skills by 7%. 32 1,500,000 Credits, 55 Comms
Experience Powerhouse I Increases Experience earned from all sources by 3%. 1 900,000 Credits
Conquistador I Increases points earned from Conquest by 5%. 1 750,000Credits, 50 Comms
Commander I Increases Command Experience from all sources by 3%. 1 900,000 Credits

Bridge 2

Perks Description Guild Level Cost
Experience Powerhouse III Increases Experience earned from all sources by 7%. 64 1,500,000 Credits, 36 Comms, 1 Module
Starfighter Conquest II Unlocks a new Galactic Starfighter based Conquest Objective. 49 2,000,000 Credits, 58 Comms
Quick Harvesting II Reduces harvesting time by 30%. 12 1,500,000 Credits, 52 Comms
Tax Evasion I Reduces commission cost of items sold on the Galactic Trade Network slightly. 1 750,000 Credits, 50 Comms
Daily Conquest I Unlocks a new Daily Quest based Conquest Objective. 1 750,000 Credits, 50 Comms
Gathering Efficiency I Increases Efficiency of all Gathering skills by 3%. 1 900,000 Credits
Gathering Efficiency III Increases Efficiency of all Gathering skills by 7%. 32 1,500,000, 55 Comms
Efficient MIssions I Increases Efficiency of all Mission skills by 3%. 1 900,000 Credits
Commander II Increases Command experience earned from all sources by 5%. 32 1,500,000 Credits, 55 Comms
Efficient Crafting I Increases Efficiency of all crafting skills by 3%. 1 900,000 Credits

Engine Room

Perks Description Guild Level Cost
Critical Crafting III Increases Critical for all Crafting Skills by 3%. 64 1,500,000 Credits, 36 Comms, 1 Module
? Reduces Damage taken while stunned by 5%. 12 1,250,000 Credits, 52 Comms
Mount Improvements I Increases Mounted Speed by 10%. 1 750,000 Credits, 50 Comms
Mount Improvements II Increases Mounted Speed by 15%. 12 1,250,000 Credits, 52 Comms
Warzone Exploiter II Increases XP, CXP and Rep rewards from Warzone by 7%. 12 1,250,000 Credits, 52 Comms
Operations Looter II Moderately Increases drop rates while in Operations. 32 1,5000,000 Credits, 55 Comms
Reputable III Increases Mastery when in Flashpoints by 8%. 64 1,500,000, 36 Comms, 1 Module
Flashpoint Conquest I Unlocks a  new Flashpoint based Conquest Objective. 1 750,000 Credits, 50 Comms
Operations Exploiter III Increases XP, CXP and Rep rewards from Operations by 9%. 32 1,500,000 Credits, 55 Comms
Warzone Valorous III Increases Valor Rewards from Warzones by 9%. 49 2,000,000 Credits, 58 Comms


Star Wars The Old Republic

Guild Improvements and PvP Challenges coming in Game Update 5.10

Here is my write up of the Guild improvements and Changes revealed on the recent Star Wars The Old Republic Cantina Livestream.

Guild Progression

Guilds will now level up as they complete Conquest. This is done by invading planets and completing conquest objectives. Levelling up your Guild gets you Guild Perks.

Guild Perks

Guild perks are temporary buffs or improvements that benefit every member of your Guild and are slotted onto your Guild Ship*. They are temporary so you’ll have to change out for new perks as old perks expire. Perks will be purchased via a new Guild Currency + Credits. Guild currency earned from gaining Guild levels and completing your planetary yield in Conquest. The number of perks you can have is determined by the number of rooms you have unlocked.

A couple of examples of perks that could be implemented:

  • Increase it mat gathering yields
  • Increased XP from particular activities

The goal of these changes is to help you specialise your Guild as you see fit.

*Guild Ship acquisition is going to be made a little more simplified to make it a little easier for Guilds to get Ships.

Conquest Improvements

A bunch of tweaks happening to how Conquest currently works.

  • More consistent Objectives across all Conquests
  • Less emphasis on Daily Repeatable Objectives but instead on weekly repeatable and infinitely repeatable with no legacy limits.

Guild Heraldry

Unfortunately no longer coming in Game Update 5.10. But will definitely be coming out in a later update.

Guild Landing Page

New interface to show various info about your Guild at a glance.

Guild Mangement

  • Guild Inspect
    • Click on another player and inspect their Guild. Info visible will include guild level and perks are as well as a brief description of the Guild written by the Guild. Guild GM’s will be able to edit the publicly visible description as they see fit.
  • Logging
    • Bank withdrawals/deposits
    • Guild invites
    • Guild kicks/leavers
    • Conquest participation (a possibility)
  • Guild mail
  • Ban by Legacy
    • Behind the scenes, they have unique identifiers for each personal account so even if they change their legacy name or someone else has the same legacy name as them, it will only affect the person banned.
  • More Guild Ranks and more options for what each rank can do and have access to.

PvP Challenges

Will allow you to challenge other groups to a PvP match as you see fit. All you have to do is preform the groups than right click on a persons’ name and click challenge. A menu/lobby will pop up which will show you various options for queuing and the team compositions which will be visible to all members of the group. You get to choose between a Warzone, Arena or Starfighter then you can select a specific map to play.

  • Minimum of 2v2, maximum dictated by the game type.
  • Groups and Guilds can challenge each other.
  • Stat tracking
    • If members of the group are in the same Guild, stats will be tracked and visible including wins and losses in different game types. Guilds can choose if they’re stats are tracked.

Note there are no rewards and this is completely outside of regular warzone and arena queuing so you can not complete dailies or weeklies from participating in this new mode.

Blog Star Wars The Old Republic

Thoughts on the Fall 2018 Content coming to SWTOR

There’s something for every type of Star Wars The Old Republic player to look forward to in the new content being released throughout the rest of the year. Starting with Game Update 5.9.3 at the end of September and concluding with Game Update 5.10 coming later in the Fall there’s plenty of content to look out for. You can read more about what’s to come in the Fall 2018 Road Map or from my Fall 2018 Road Map Summary.

But first, let’s look at my favourite content in the game, PvP!

Vandin Huttball

We’re getting a new Huttball Map in Game Update 5.9.3 which should be released by the end of the month! It’s set on Vandin a planet featured in the KOTFE story. I’ve participated in all the playtesting sessions for this map on the PTS so far and I have to say that overall, I really like it! They’ve made improvements based on player feedback which is excellent to see them continuing to do after the 5.9.2 PTS.

Sith versus Jedi Story

For the first time, in a very long time, I am excited about the story again. Finally, we’re going back to true Star Wars story. The never-ending Jedi versus Sith conflict. Perfect. Just bloody perfect. Reading where the story was headed had me conjuring up images of the vanilla trailers. Whether the story turns out as explosive as those trailers were remains to be seen. I just hope to soon be rid of my waning Alliance and return to my respective faction.

The setting certainly sounds intriguing, even if they don’t name it.

It was ‘Ravaged by a cataclysm centuries in the past‘.

And even better, we’re getting two separate stories for each faction! What a relief! It may not be a continuation of class stories so many yearn for but alas it’s better than the one-story model we have suffered through these past few years. They’ve even hinted at being able to help out the other faction if we wish (but they stressed we won’t actually be able to switch faction). If that’s the case then I say that’s a good compromise.

My biggest question at this stage is will the story be doable on any level 70 regardless of their story progression? I have quite a few characters whom I have zero desire to complete or even do KOTFE and KOTET on and would prefer to just take them straight to this new storyline if possible.

Oh, and there are new characters too? I wonder if my Agent or Scoundrel will finally have someone to romance?


Well, this is something I won’t get to do. Oh well. Best of luck to those of you who are into that kind of thing. I hope it’s hard enough that you all won’t complete it within a week after it launches then bitch that there’s no new content to do. Although to be fair, all the gear crafting and shenanigans that go with it will keep you all occupied for a bit. Speaking of gear…

New Gear

Oh, look! More gear to grind! Honestly, I probably won’t even bother. I’m just a regstar after all, I don’t need the new gear that badly. Guess we’ll have to wait on the details to see how it’s going to work. Then I’ll decide. My main still isn’t even fully 236 augmented let alone whatever the top tier of augments is now. Goes to show how often I play the game.

Guild Changes

Now, these look lovely. A lot of these are certainly long overdue. Intrigued to hear more details that’s for sure.

  • Heraldry – Personalize your Guild.
  • Progression System – a new progression system that allows active guilds to customize and improve their experience the more they play.
  • Management
    • Increased Rank Cap –The number of guild ranks will be increased.
    • Member Ban by Legacy –Allows removal of members based on their Legacy.
    • Logging – logs and displays a wide variety of guild member activity.
  • Communication
    • Inspect Tool – Potential members can review the guild profile and information.
    • Member Mail – Easy way to send a message to the whole guild.

We’ll also be able to challenge other guilds to PvP. Very curious to see how this will work.

Companion Returns

Well, this is going to be awkward for my Knight. Doc coming back? Rip. I’m certainly glad Consulars are getting another Companion back though (for those of you who play that class). Jaesa should my fun for my Warrior though.

  • Doc – Jedi Knights only.
  • Dark Side Jaesa – Sith Warriors only.
  • Nadia – Jedi Consulars only.

News to Come for 2018

The PTS for Game Update 5.10 should be going up late September or maybe early October. There will be no story on the PTS. Just the new gameplay features (Guild stuff and Gear), possibly the new planet and probably NIM GOTM.

We should be getting a livestream sometime in October discussing the full details of Game Update 5.10. This should include all the gear crafting details, the name of the mysterious planet and probably more details on the new Guild improvements.

My guess is that Game Update 5.10 will be launched mid-late November or early December.

Looking to 2019

So we’ve been given a couple of hints of what’s to come and when we can look forward to finding out more.

[W]e have a ton of exciting adventures planned for you and your friends–you can be sure the conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire is going to explode into full-scale war that will draw your character into battle on new planets, where they’ll fight alongside (and against!) many new and returning fan-favorite characters!

Casey Anderson, Bioware’s General Manager also made this comment about SWTOR recently.

[O]ur Star Wars: The Old Republic team is hard at work on some amazing plans for the coming year, with new features and surprises that I think makes it the game’s most exciting year yet.

Sounds like the long-awaited expansion will be coming next year for sure. Looking forward to learning more about it.

SWTOR is definitely going to be doing something at Star Wars Celebration. Whether it’s just a Cantina or ends up being something more remains to be seen. I suspect this will also be when they formally announce the expansion. Seeing as SWC in April, I’m assuming we’ll get another Road Map fairly early in the year, probably February, announcing their Spring plans at least.

Are you excited for any upcoming content? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!